Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not eye candy

I just extracted myself from the hot tub.  Usually I'm not much of a hot tub person.  I last 5 minutes or so and then I am done.  But tonight the snow was blowing through the screen on the back porch and it was so cool.  I lasted 6 minutes.. or maybe 10 or 15... 

This morning greeted me with eyes glued shut with pink eye.  Isn't there an age limit on that?  I drug myself to the Dr. and got a prescription, which the insurance company refused to cover.  I've come to dislike insurance very intensely.  So I got another prescription. 

From there I went to work and did the bulletin.  Normally I would have gone home and licked my wounds, but those in the know were predicting 6 or so inches of snow and I really did not want to have to face that tomorrow.  Fr. Greg came in while I was working and I mentioned that I had pink eye.  If I didn't know better, I'd say he was exorcizing the devil as he backed out of the office.   But I could  be wrong.  So the bulletin is done.  Yea me, and Jim for coming by to help me.

As Jim and I sat in the hot tub talking, I came up with a great blog idea.  The best ever in the history of blog.  I told him to remember it and remind me when we got inside.  My job was to remember he needed to put salt in the water softener.  I remembered my part.  My blog idea is down the tubes.  Neither of us can remember what it was.

Oh and about the pink eye picture... it isn't going to happen.  My face is swollen pretty bad on the right side. You can thank me with your comments.

Stay safe in this beautiful but dangerous winter we are all experiencing.


Funny in My Mind said...

We are supposed to get more in the early morning hours but I hope not 6 inches. It just melted. I have had pink eye and sties and it stinks. Especially when you wake up and your eye is crusted shut and you have to get a hot washcloth to open it.
I hope it heals quickly and doesn't spread around your house or to your other eye!
You could do a picture blog of your days' activities or even a weeks. I have thought about that.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Hot tub sounds beautiful with the big snow flakes we are getting.

So sorry about the pink eye. i agree there should be an age limit on that!

My sisterhood party is still on for tomorrow night. Now if anyone shows up or not might be another story. Sarah tried on my wedding dress and it fits. We are both excited! hopefully we can make it in to town tomorrow for some wedding shopping.

Get well!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Yep, a hot tub sounds just the thing. It's snowing big time here. We measured 5 1/2 inches just before midnight. I'm more than ready for spring. I know what you mean about not remembering a blog idea. I do that all the time, get a good idea and think I'll remember it so I don't jot it down, and then guess what? I don't remember..I get so mad a myself! Hope your eye clears up soon. Oh, and just wanted to say that I enjoyed your last post, too! Take care, Cheryl

Rita said...

Sorry about the pink eye. My son never got it. I never got it. (Knock on wood!!!)

We've just got 15-18 below tonight and some light snow predicted for tomorrow. It's supposed to be so windy that what snow we do get might be blown all the way to Wisconsin anyways. Wind chills of minus 35-38 below. Glad I am staying inside up here in Fargo. ;)

A. K. said...

I wish it would snow here in New Delhi.. Anyway is freaking cold here.

Rural Rambler said...

I thought there WAS an age limit on pink eye! I had it enough as a kid to last a lifetime. Hope it clears up pronto for you. I gotta chuckle at Father Greg and your reference to an exorcism. We have a running joke around here about needing an exorcist.

CH SAYS he measured 4 inches of the white stuff here, but I have to tell you, it looks like a whole dang more than that!

junyah said...

i had a few of those when i was a lad,not sure about the age limit on them though.I was hoping to se some pictures of the fresh snow you guys just got.Kinda of a warning so i know how much to look forward too.I just got the roof cleaned off for the second time in a week and i'm not looking forward to making that climb again, at 60 im getting to ole for this shit.I Like winter...but at some point it gets to be enough.Y.O.P. Junayh Get well soon Hugs U .

Intense Guy said...

Thank you for not posting pictures.

There... that's done.


Hmmm... you need a waterproof notepad/marker set for writing down "great ideas had in the hot tub"... now we are all going to wonder for years and years and years just what this idea to end all ideas was.....

Hope you feel better soon and get rid of the pink stuff in your eye (I was going to say get rid of the pink eye but decided that if you took that literally, I'd get blamed for it...)

Toriz said...

Hope your pink eye clears up quickly!

Don't you just hate when you have a great idea for a post, then - by the time you get near a computer - have no idea what you were going to post about?

AliceKay said...

I hope that pink eye clears up soon. (just for the record, i thought there WAS an age limit on that stuff)

A soak in a hot tub sounds really good to me. I could soak all the way up to my neck. :) I hope you or Jim remember your great idea for a blog post. I've had ideas before that disappeared somewhere in the night when I wasn't looking.

Snowing here tonight. We're supposed to get 3 to 5 inches by mid-morning tomorrow and then the wind is supposed to rip. Makes for a nice Friday afternoon of grocery shopping. :\

Have a great weekend and feel better soon.

AliceKay said...

Forgot to say...I really like that new picture in your header. :)