Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday morning coming down…

Driving home on this dreary Sunday morning along the Missouri River bottoms, we saw in the distance what looked like snow.  This sight required a closer inspection since the snow in this area has all melted.
A field with white along the edge
Our suspicions were soon confirmed – we were looking at a gaggle!!!! of geese.  Canadian Geese for sure.  Snow geese probably – maybe other species. 
A field covered with geese
There were thousands of geese.
Black and white geeze taking flight
As they took flight, the already overcast skies darkened.
Black and white geeze taking flight
The vision brought to mind confetti falling from the skies.


                Bye, bye birdies.  Thanks for the amazing show.
A few geeze flying away from the rest


That corgi :) said...

wow! what a great sight to have seen and capture it on picture to share with us!!

guess it is a good sign to see that spring is definitely in the air if they are heading back home!


junyah said...

snow Geese.They come though Maine but they seem to fly more inland that the Canadian Honkers do.The law to take them is for Canadian, your allowed 2 and 4 in the aggregate. Snow Geese however is 15 a day and no limit in the aggregate.That's because there's so many of them and biologist want to thin them out up north in their breeding grounds they are eatting themselfves out of house and home. ( and they are Vvvvery good eatting too) Y.O.P. Junyah

Rita said...

What a sight! I bet it made quite a sound, too. :) Nature is just amazing. So cool that you caught these pictures. :):)

Steve Skinner said...

What a great sight!

AliceKay said...

Cool pics! What an amazing sight to see. (i showed the pics to Terri and he thought they were cool, too)

Sandra said...

If those geese are smart they'll stay with you guys for a while longer. I'm in Winnipeg where a vast majority of them meet in the fall before their flight south. There will certainly be snow on the ground until mid-May around here.
Tell them I say 'hi!'
Great pictures though. Quite a sight, indeed.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

The geese make quite a sight. Great photos, Deanna. I see a lot of them hang around lakes and ponds even through the summer. We have 2 geese on our pond, that is enough. Even 2 can make a big mess. Imagine what it was like where these guys were! Take care.

Toriz said...

I love snow... But I think an air show was probably a much more welcome sight than yet more snow. I think there's been enough of the white stuff going around this year. Time for that Spring the groundhog promised was coming!

Vicki Lane said...

WOW! Now that's a great gaggle. I can imagine the noise they made. What an amazing sight!

Rural Rambler said...

Deanna those are some awesome pictures. What a wonderful sight that must have been! Wow!!!

tattytiara said...


Nezzy said...

How great it is you got a picture of it. The day before the big blizzard our fields and yard was covered in robins. I thought poor little mixed up birds...their gonna get their brains frozen! Heeehehehe!!!

Great capture sweetie!

God bless and have a beautiful day! place! :o)

Intense Guy said...

Oh how cool!! Look at all them white super ducks! :)

They migrate through my neck of the woods too (probably JunYah's flocks).

I've seen them hunt 'em but thats nothing I get into.

I'd be shooting 'em with a camera though!

Anonymous said...

Oh man when I saw this post I was immediately jealous. How lucky you are to be able to see that in person I bet it was so awesome!! At least I got to see it in pictures so thanks so much for sharing with us hope you are having a good day HUGS