Wednesday, March 16, 2011



For probably the first time in my life, we’ve accomplished something ahead of time, rather than late.

Grandson Allen turns nine on April 9th.  School Spring Break provided a perfect opportunity to get in a birthday shopping trip on Monday.

After his mom and dad and little sister, Reagan, went home Sunday evening, we kicked back for a quiet  evening.  It turns out that Allen is a Lego officiado.  He burrowed into the trove of old toys we keep inside our end table and found pieces of Legos accumulated from various sets over the years, and built a way cool scorpion.


He explained to me that he just followed the instructions he found in one of the buckets of Legos and substituted different ones when their were pieces missing.  I was pretty darn impressed.

Monday morning we woke to the four letter word.  About four inches of it, with more falling.  Four  more inches of snow and four hours later, it finally let up.  Hey Mr. Weatherman, that was a bit more than the flurries you predicted!

The snow was not going to deter us.  But first, we needed homemade donuts for breakfast, compliments of a tube of buttermilk biscuits with holes cut in the middle fried in Canola oil.  We iced them with a light powder sugar icing.  Try this sometime.  They are so good!

Allen cutting holes in the biscuits

Since the snow was showing no signs of letting up, we headed out for our birthday shopping trip in time for lunch at McDonalds.  The first McDonalds’ parking lot had not been bladed and the runoff of the melting snow on the was so bad that we couldn’t get to the door without getting wet feet.  But where there is a will, there is a way – especially since there is no shortage of McDonalds to choose from.  We just had to drive five  miles further into town to find a lot in better shape.

Did you know that Barnes and Noble has a good selection of Legos?  Me neither, but my son, Greg, put a little bug in my ear that this might be the direction to head. 

We hit pay dirt!  They had Atlantis, Harry Potter Diagon Alley, Star Wars, Pirates, and many more to choose from.  We had finally settled on the Pirates, when ol’ eagle eye Grandpa spotted another  table of Legos in a center aisle.  And under the table out of sight was the ultimately perfect set that made Allen drool.

Lego Mobile Police Unit
“Oh Grandma, this is it!”  And so it was.

The day went way too fast and before we knew it, we had to give his bright smile back up to his mom and dad and little sister.  Poor three year old Reagan was heart broken when she had to go home without him Sunday night.  Greg and Alicia said she cried for a half hour, wanting them to go back and get him.  I can only imagine how happy she was to see him walk into the house with Greg Monday evening.
Allen called last night to let us know he had already put everything together.  How is that possible!  He  has more patience than I could ever hope for.

Happy Birthday Allen a little bit early!  We love you!

The snow is pretty much gone and the temperatures are supposed to climb to the mid-seventies by tomorrow.  Crazy!


Nancy said...

I was shocked at the snow!! I had no idea we were getting it..

Can't wait to move closer to the grandkids so we can keep the kids overnight...

That corgi :) said...

It did sound like you hd a great time with Allen! Loved his smile! I like his imagination too to see what he had available for Legos and see what he could substitute if he didn't have that particular piece. Good for him! Perseverance in trying to solve a problem! Legos are so much fun for their creativity indeed; that set you got him for his birthday looked cool! I have had those donuts you speak of from biscuit dough. My son got the "recipe" from a friend of his and made them one time for us; you are right, they are so tasty!!

let's hope the four letter word is gone from your house until next winter; spring starts Sunday, we can only hope!


Missouri Gal said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I'm sorry baby sister missed her bubby! Happy early Bday to Mr. Allen!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Allen is a lucky little guy! Actually all your grandkids are lucky to be taken on a shopping trip. How cool is that? Ms E has a birthday coming up, think a 2 yr old can pick out toys?
We ice our "whop biscuits" with
grandulated sugar and cinnamon.
Enjoy the 65 temps when it gets here!

junyah said...

Happy Birthday Allen.Allens one lucky Young man to have such wonderful grandparents.The lego's i never got when i was young, i got the building materials in a tube somethig like linchon logs.Can he build all of the plans in one set in just a matter of a short time i would Hope so. I Used to get a model plane even a good sized one,and i could make that thing in MIN's,and Never once read the plans. lol Happy Birthday Allen. JR

junyah said...

we'er getting that Snow you had, only its a we snow and partley Rain and running off.We still have snow banks about 15 inches thick.Its going to be a slow melt and thats a good thing too. Spring is the 20th and That means Penny and i have been married 29 years that day.
Y.O.P. Junyah

Toriz said...

I've got a nice collection of Lego building up, including a couple of small Harry Potter sets. I REALLY want the bigger Harry Potter sets, but the thing is that when you're a grown up people think you don't want Legos any more.

Anyway, I'm glad Alan got to enjoy his early birthday shopping trip, and found the perfect birthday gift!

Happy early birthday, Alan!

Steve Skinner said...

Nothing says fun like Lego!!

AliceKay said...

Great pictures of Allen having fun at your place. Poor little Reagan. I bet she was happy to see him walk thru the door, too.

Allen has a wonderful imagination. Legos are a great tool for that imagination. My son loved them and we still have lots and lots of his Lego sets around here. (some are in a box under the bed in this room)

Wow, you really got dumped on with all of that snow. Kinda like us a week or so ago. Temps in the 70s sound good, but I hope the quick snow melt doesn't cause flooding. We're supposed to get near the mid 60s on Friday but back to the 40s on Saturday.

Have a good rest of your week, and early happy birthday wishes going out to Allen.

Sandra said...

Mid 70s...that's basically summer where I live!
And now I'm totally wanting donuts for breakfast!

Nezzy said...

I had to buy new Legos for grandmas house. Geek Son took 'em all when he moved out. They are now part of my grandsons array. The boys have a 'cowboy' bedroom and Geek Son built them an edged table top feed trough to hold all the Legos. It also acts as to table to build on.

Your little guy is just handsomely precious!!! Of course I'm not tellin' ya anything.

God bless and may the luck of the Irish rain on ya today sweetie!!!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, I still saw patches of snow lingering in some areas even as warm as it got yesterday. My dad always said that the snow was hanging around waiting for the next one. <- sorry didn't mean to be the bearer of bad news or anything! I expect the rains that are predicted will wash any remaining snow away. Not that we need any rain!

Little Allen is a cutie. Looks like he had a great time. And I remember making donuts out of biscuits when my kids were young. Haven't made them in ages, but they sound so good that I'll have to pick up a tube of biscuits next time I'm at the store!

Have a great day!

tmarie said...

He'll only be eight Mom! :) He is younger than Anna - not older!

By the way - loved your radio spot on KWOS. You sounded great!

Lynn said...

Sorry about the snow, I know you are tired of it. Happy Birthday to Allen and I think I will have to make me some of those donuts, its been a long time since I have made some that way, hope all is well HUGS

jewelzmomof4 said...

Happy Birthday to my dear Nephew Allen!!!! He sure is a great kiddo!! That Lego set is Awesome!!! Grandma and Grandpa did a great job there and it doesn't shock me at all that he has it put together already LOL

Rural Rambler said...

Happy Birthday a little early to Allen! What a fun shopping trip. Deanna that snow shocked my socks off. We are having some beautiful weather now! A little windy yesterday. I am hoping and praying for no more snow. I think we will give your donuts a try!

Vicki Lane said...

Sounds like a pretty terrific birthday treat! Legos are such fun for kids -- they still turn up here and there in our house even though my 'kids' are in their thirties now.

Intense Guy said...

Awwww.. how precious is that - Little sister Reagan missing her brother so much.

Allen is a "LEG-o" man huh? :) I'm drooling over that set he got too!

Happy Birthday Allen!! You got the perfect gift! And I don't mean the Legos... I mean the visit with Grandma and Grandpop and returning to a loving home filled with loving family.