Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the answer is...

 I absolutely cannot cook without my Pyrex measuring bowls/pitchers.  They are essential for me to cook.

However, everyone who guessed coffee was a close second.  I honestly didn't place that cup there to throw you off.  It just happened to be there.  Sorry, but no prize has been offered!

My daughter, Tessa (Tmarie) was probably the most accurate.  She mentioned the Pyrex measuring bowls, the coffee, and the butcher block.  I hadn't even thought of that butcher block when I took the picture but she hit the nail on the head.  It would be like cooking with my hands tied behind my back if I didn't have my butcher block.

Tessa had to bring up whether I looked in the closet for my coffee!  You see, during my child rearing years I'd often move at what Jim calls "warp speed".  It was hard getting everyone going in the right direction, working full time, keeping the house in order....  She knows what I'm talking about now, since she has four kids.  You'd think she'd take pity on me.  Anyhow, my coffee cup was suppposed to move at warped speed with me, but sometimes it got left behind - often getting left in strange places, such as a closet shelf.  It became the family mantra that when I would yell "Where's my coffee?!?", they would respond "Look in the closet!"  After all these years that darn coffee cup still has a mind of its own and stays behind in the strangest places.

Our company was an 80 year old guy Jim works with.  He is a sweetheart.  His wife died a month or so ago, so we thought he might like to spend an evening with us.  About an hour before he was supposed to arrive, the heavens opened up with torential rain and hail.
This is not snow - it is hail

Fortunately the storm didn't last long.  John showed up right on schedule and we had a fun evening together.  It is hard to believe, but I did forget to take a single picture more.  Between putting together the final touches, visiting, laughing and just having a good time, it didn't occur to me.

Before dinner, we sipped on a Cubalibra (rum and coke with a splash of lime) for an hour or so. 
The dinner menu was a lettuce salad, chicken spaghetti casserole, and asparagus.  We served a light red wine with dinner.  I tried to keep it simple but that casserole took me forever to make.  Dessert was a chocolate sheet cake with a homemade icing that resembled whipped cream.  It took an insane amount of beating to make the icing.  Next time I will go back to beating heavy whipping cream.  Sometimes the basics are best. 
After dinner, we spent a couple of hours curled up in the living room with an after dinner drink.

The evening flew by.  John is one of those people who has done so much in his life, and likes to tell stories of his experiences.  He talked comfortably about his wife and her passing.  We were all suprised when 9:00 came and John said he probably should be heading home. 

And here we are - Saturday and more drissle.  I'm just glad it is not snow!

Last night's hail


Funny in My Mind said...

Ahhh, measuring bowls/cups. I have one of the large glass ones and I love it.
When I was a kid, my mom (there were 5 of us kids) would always be going full speed and I (the oldest) would tell her to sit down and relax. She never quit. I only had 2 and I still felt like that most days.
You put a lot of love and effort into that meal. It sounds amazing.
We had the rain too, no hail though and yesterday it was 70 and today it is very cold.
I hope the rest of your weekend is a relaxing one.

Rural Rambler said...

I think that butcher block is a must in the kitchen! I love yours! I also think a must have or must try in my case is a Cubalibra!!

I walked yesterday in shorts and a long sleeved shirt and I was warm. I can't believe how bad the weather is misbehavin' today! We are officially on the MissouREE Spring Weather Roller coaster!

Rita said...

I probably never thought of the Pyrex measuring bowls because they are just a given in the kitchen ever since I can remember. :)

I was constantly rewarming my coffee and leaving it in the microwave, until my frustrated son and DIL bought me some thermal mugs to use--ROFL! I love them--stays warm for hours and hours!

I forget to take pictures when I have company, too. Sounds like a marvelous meal and great company. The hail just stopped in to spice up you day. :)

Toriz said...

It sounds as though you had a fantastic evening! :)

AliceKay said...

I didn't guess the Pyrex measuring cups and bowls. I have two Pyrex measuring cups and that's about it. I wish I had a bigger kitchen...maybe I would want to cook and bake more. (then again, maybe not...LOL) Love your kitchen. You have a beautiful home.

I'm glad you had a nice time with Jim's friend. I bet he enjoyed your company as well. The menu sounds delicious. We'll never know what it looked like, tho. :p (just picking on you...LOL)

You sure had a nasty hail storm. That stuff can be downright dangerous. We're in for heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. Most of the snow has melted down here, but there's still a lot of snow on the mountains. I sure hope it doesn't flood.

I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one. *hugs*

Vicki Lane said...

Sounds like a pleasant evening all round!

That corgi :) said...

cute little game you played; I guessed coffee; didn't even think of the measuring bowls. What a collection you have too of them!! What a sweet thing to invite Jim's friend over. 80 years old and still working! wow!! That was very kind of you too to include him in an evening like this after the loss of his wife; I know a lot of widows/widowers comment how they feel so lonely after their spouses pass and how people tend to forget them as time goes on. Very nice gesture Deanna! and dinner sounded delicious!!

sounds like it was a very nice evening indeed!


Lynn said...

Hey I guessed it right lol My goodness that sure is alot of hail, I would probably had been freaking through that storm. Im glad yall enjoyed your company and that is sad about his wife. The food sure sounds delish. Happy Sunday :o)

Intense Guy said...

Talk about cooking from scratch! I bet all that food was super-yummy-tastic!

You friend sounds just like someone you would have over for dinner - a class act.

Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend - it looks like the measuring cups and things are already washed.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

What a terrific friend you are! I know he had to love all that delicious sounding food you prepared and the visit with his friends. I love chicken casserole and it does take a bit of time if you have to boil the chicken and debone it to put in the casserole. The rest of it goes together fairly quickly, tho.

We had some hail in our area too. I was caught in Lowe's in Columbia when a tornado warning was sounded. We all headed to the break room, but it was over quickly.

Have a great week!

junyah said...

Hey , i just noticed the Electric Range you have is identical to the one we wooow. happy Cooking huh ! lol ( I think thats funy )