Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Broken links and staggering

Has anyone else been plagued with "broken links" in bloggy land?  If I've been missing in action on your blog, blame the broken link plague.  I even had trouble getting into my own blog.  Now that just isn't playing nice blogspot guys.  Never fear, though, I won't give up.  Well I might give up for today, but not for good.

I woke in the middle of the night, staggered to the bathroom and then drunkenly returned to bed.  I blamed it on getting up too quick.  But today has been more of the same.  I've been staggering around here like a drunken sailor.  I had Jim drive me to work so I could do a few things that couldn't wait and then back home I am.  Dr.D's diagnosis is inner ear problems.  My dad was plagued with inner ear infections.  My sister gets them quite often, and I've had a few in my days.  Half a niacin tablet and a buffered aspirin (to offset the flush caused by niacin) usually does the trick.  It seems to have helped me some.  But I'm not pushing my luck.  This is the perfect opportunity to be lazy - so lazy I will be.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.  It is another cold and dreary day here.  Not that I'm complaining.  Well, maybe I am a bit.  But not a lot.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I hate to hear or rather read that you are a dizzy broad. Hope you get better soon! And that the sun shines SOON.

Rita said...

I don't think I've had any problems with blogger, but I'll keep my eyes open. Sorry to hear you're having dizziness problems. Take it easy--that's a good idea! Hope you feel better soon. :):)

tattytiara said...

These imbalances often are our bodies' ways of telling us to chill out for a little bit. I say you're doing exactly the right thing!

That corgi :) said...

poor you with the inner ear problems!! never a good feeling to feel that feeling of disequilibrium! definitely take it easy; always a good excuse to do so, right?

it was warm and sunny here today, but it is suppose to cool down just a bit in the next few days


Rural Rambler said...

Oh Deanna I have had three friends that have had that staggering around thing. One wound up having to take Valium of all things! I had never heard of Niacin for that but the Niacin would probably get my hot flashes to cranking up! Get better right now Deanna, we don't want you feeling all dizzy! Sun today they say and 65 tomorrow!!!!

AliceKay said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I've have bouts with benign vertigo ever since the mid 80s. The first time it hit me, I had no idea what was going on. I was so dizzy I almost fell off of my chair at work. It took a couple of doctor visits (and the right doctor) for it to be diagnosed. I was given Antivert (meclizine). Mine seems to be allergy related, so now when I first get the little "spells" of dizziness and lopsidedness, I take generic meclizine for a week or so and it works itself out.

I haven't had any problems with Blogger lately. *knocks on wood*

We're under major flash flood warnings today. Not a good day in lots of the country today.

Nezzy said...

I sure hate to hear your dizzier than normal....Heeehehehe!!!! :o)
That inner ear stuff can be a booger, take care sweetie!

I've ran across several havin' linky problems. I'm havin' trouble viewin' all pics on all blogs. What is weird is that some come up. Go figure...this is usually not an issue.

Maybe we all should lay hands on our machines :o)

God bless and enjoy your day!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, sorry to hear about you having the "dizzies". Having Meniere's, I know what that is like and it's not fun.

As for blogger, the latest was the other day when my followers list on my sidebar was empty. I went to the help page and saw that a lot of people had the same problem. It reappeared in a couple days.

Take care of yourself and hope you're feeling better real soon! The sun is shining...yippee!

Toriz said...

That sucks! Especially the inner ear infection part!

I get that link thing from time to time. I generally just yell at the laptop a bit, then go away and ddo something else and hope it works again later. Most of the time it does (eventually!)

It's been mostly staying sunny but VERY cold here lately.

Intense Guy said...


I hope your dizziness goes away... I'm glad Dr. D. didn't try to blame it on your being blonde.


I've been having some glitches and hiccups and hitches with Blogger myself the past couple days. Irksome sometimes - maybe its a hint to do something else for a little bit.

It rained all day today and its supposed to rain all day tomorrow too... I hope its going to make the may flowers grow even if its only March.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Inner ear problems are the worse . My sister gets them and she has to lay done and not move her head. Hope it goes away and never comes back. Good luck!

Vicki Lane said...

Yikes! I hate to think of you staggering about drunkenly -- hope it passes soon.

Vicki Lane said...

Yikes! I hate to think of you staggering about drunkenly -- hope it passes soon.

Lynn said...

Sorry about your ear problems, hubby has those too and the dizziness really makes him feel bad too. The doctor just gave him ear drops, I will have to check out that niacin thing and mention it to him.