Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not far enough South…

The weather in Missouri has been dreary and cold for weeks on end, with an occasional brief show of sunshine.  Our friends from Wisconsin were experiencing the same thing, only colder and snowier and drearier. 
So Dennis and Kris headed out for a drive-about through Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas.  We met up with them last weekend in Eureka Springs.
Eureka Springs is a “Victoria Mountain  Village” built into the hillsides of the Ozark Mountains.  The early 1900’s architecture, beautifully restored, is a site to behold.
Eureka Springs from a hillside
We apparently brought the weary Missouri weather with us.  The locals said it was in the 70’s and sunny earlier in the week, not the 40’s and rain of the weekend.
Deanna, Dennis, Kris
If you look closely at the center Old Towne building (I’m sure it has a name, but don’t know what it is) , you might be able to spot the fact that the red awning canopies the entrance to a Quilt Shop.  In this shop we bought a beautiful quilt.  It was the highlight of my trip… next to spending time with friends, of course.  A photo of the quilt later.  Ok?

Quilt Shop
As much as I love taking pictures, it is hard to get good photos with gloves on shaking hands in drizzling rain.  Jim took most of the pictures on this trip. 
We visited the Christ of the Ozarks, where the Passion Play is performed during peak season.  If you do a Google search, I believe you will find tons of photographs of this statue – most much better than this one (you know, the rain, cold, etc…)  It is one of the most photographed in the world.
Christ of the Ozarks statue       
I’m kind of fond of the eerie look to this distance shot of the Crescent Hotel.  I can almost believe there really are ghosts in residence there, as promised.
Crescent Hotel
Since the town is built into the mountains, there are undeveloped areas – and it was in such an area that we spotted a family of deer.  Of the six or seven hiding behind the trees, these two ventured out to check me out.  My fingers were clicking away as I walked closer and closer.
Two deer in the woods
But the leader decided I was close enough.  He stomped his hoof and challenged me.  Since I was the visitor who had worn out my welcome, I retreated (quickly).
       Deer getting ready to charge   
The dome of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.
Church dome
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth Church
St. Elizabeth’s from the inside.
Ornate inside of St. Elizabeth Church
Eureka Springs is beautiful – even when there is no sunshine.  I want to go back and check out the sites better when the temperatures are a bit warmer and the sun is shining.


That corgi :) said...

Absolutely beautiful area!! I can see why you would want to visit again (and again) such a place. Lots of charm there and history I am sure!! Plus seeing the deer like that would have been a great highlight of the trip!!

Neat you had a chance to spend some time with friends, even if the weather didn't cooperate!


Rita said...

Love to see the quilt! What a beautiful church--and the whole area is very pretty there. What a great trip! Even tho it was cold for you. Up here, when it was 40 degrees just a couple days ago there were people in shorts and no jackets. Everything is relative, I guess--LOL! (We have snow again today.)

I love the deer photos! They are such lovely, graceful animals. Exciting that you got so close for the pictures, until you got threatened...:):) Hope you are all toasty warm now.

Funny in My Mind said...

You know that Eureka Springs is my favorite place ever! (Hawaii was darn close)
i have been on the ghost tour, got massages and a pedicure and dinner at the Crescent Hotel. Want to go sometime?

Intense Guy said...

I think the wintry weather actually gave your beautiful photographs an added bit of glow and softness.

I love that triangle shaped building and of course the deer. I've had a few stamp their hoofs (hooves?) at me - but they've never charged, but rather ran off. Not that I ever "pressed the issue". :)

And I know how you like quilts - I bet you found a beaut!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a abeautiful area, even in dreary rainy weather.
Funny thing, the bedroom we stayed in last week at my MIL's house in Texas, there was a minature statue of Chris, just like the big one you took a picture of.
I'll be looking forward to yuor quilt pictures.

AliceKay said...

I'd love to see the photo of your new quilt. :)

I think Iggy is right...the weather added to the beauty of these photos. (kudos for the ones taken by Jim) I especially loved the photos of St. Elizabeth and the Christ of the Ozarks.

I hope you get a chance to return to Eureka Springs soon. It looks like a great place to wander around in, and perhaps, go on a ghost tour.

Rural Rambler said...

Love E.S. Glad you had a great time even with the rain. The place is just magical. A sunny day would have been nice but what can you do? You need to eat at Ermilio's!

Vicki Lane said...

Eureka Springs looks like a fine place to visit. Now where's a picture of that quilt?

Lynn said...

I cant wait to see the quilt you got. Loved the pictures and your getaway sure sounds nice to me even though the weather wasnt very nice. Thanks for sharing :o)

GardenofDaisies said...

It's such a wonderful town! It has been several years since I was there though, and I really want to return. Thanks for sharing these pictures!! Can't wait to see your quilt!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Eureka Springs is a beautiful place to visit and the Passion Play is awesome. It's been quite a while since we've been there and now I want to go back after reading this post! Love your photos, they turned out quite good in spite of the weather. I'll be looking for a photo of your quilt. Have a good weekend!

Toriz said...

Sounds like a pretty nice trip... Despite the weather!