Tuesday, May 3, 2011

B... bu... but we have squirrels!

I've always loved my beautiful Azalea bushes. 

They are a low growing splash of color, delighting me each Spring. 

So imagine my surprize when Nancy at Porch Days wrote about her 12 foot Azaleas.  I was sure that had to be a typo!  But look at the pictures she posted today!  Gorgeous, TALL, Azaleas.  Now, Nancy, there is no way I can compete with those beautiful Azaleas.

But, we have squirrels. 

Minding my own business

Ok, you probably have lots of squirrels too.  Squirrels are everywhere!  They drive me crazy. 

 They clean out all of my bird feeders.

Finch? Canary?  Anybody know?

There was a time a couple of years ago that I blogged about cute little squirrels, making up stories.  But I quickly got over that fascination.  Now I just open my windows and yell at them to go away.  I guess I should be nicer to them, but they keep scaring my beautiful birds away.

Please don't yell at me anymore!  Please...


That corgi :) said...

those azaleas are pretty in your yard, Deanna! Those squirrels do have a way of moving in and taking over the neighborhood don't they? I might have told you before, but the neighbor next door where we used to live would have bird feeders that the squirrels would invade. He would capture the squirrels in cages, take them away, and guess what? They always found their way back. It would be funny, you wouldn't see them for a bit and then one or two would be back a week or so later. They are kind of cute........

enjoy the day!


Missouri Gal said...

That's an Indigo Bunting! I love those little birds. Only come to MO in summer. But when I was a kid, growing up, we didn't have buntings in Missouri. However we didn’t have armadillos either!
We have oodles of shag bark hickory nuts trees in my yard, so I sympathize with your squirrel issues!

junyah said...

I Love Gray Squirrels.They are fun to watch, they beat up on Bluejays,they think they own he feeders. lol Hey how much rain have you gotten at your place? seems everyime i look at the werther radar you guys are getting plasted. Hopeing everybodys well. T/C sweeetie. Y.O.P. Junyah

Texas Gal said...

I think all the squirrel around here live in Abilene..cause I have yet to see one out here in the country..I even have a pecan tree in my back yard..but no squirrels. weird...But they are abundent in Abilene..everywhere you look there are 2 or 3.
Have a great day Deanna....Karla

Intense Guy said...

I think its an Indigo Bunting also, unless it is a Blue Grosbeak. Its hard to tell - the squirrel on the otherhand is a good example of a Sciurus Carolinensis. You need some more hawks and owls snacking on 'em.

And you managed to get a number of nice squirrel pictures. Color me green with envy. :)

Nezzy said...

It's an Indigo Blue Bunting. I just adore 'em!

I have a squirrel 'Rocky' who lives in the big old elm tree in our front yard. I keep an ear of corn out for him but when it is gone ya can hear him scurry over the roof of the house and bound down into my window box. He does everything but pound on the window to let me know his corn is gone. Heehehe!

God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie! :o)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I don't know, maybe I shouldn't say it on here, but I can give you a great recipe for squirrel and dumplins!
And no you still can't have my red granite coffee pot!

Porch Days said...

Deanna, thanks for linking to Porch Days. Aren't we a mutual admiration society! I love watching the squirrels but they know the instant you put seeds out. Can't believe you have an Indigo Bunting. I've never seen one! Lucky you! Nancy

Toriz said...

Poor birds getting scared off by squirrels... But, also, poor squirrels getting yelled at just for being squirrels!


Queenie Jeannie said...

I actually MISS squirrels! There are soooooo many stray cats here that there are literally no squirrels! NONE!!

They are pretty greedy though when it comes to a free meal, lol!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful azalea you have there, Deanna, and the huge azaleas on Porch Days' blog were amazing.

Great shot of the little birdie. I have a robin wanting to build a nest on our front porch beam. Terri took down one big nest she had built, but she's working on another one. (i really don't want bird crap all over my front porch and everything on it)

I took some video of a squirrel just this morning. They can be destructive and a big nuisance, but they can be fun to watch sometimes. I think you got that last picture captioned to perfection. LOL

ChicagoLady said...

Beautiful Indigo Bunting! I wish I had them up here, but it's not rural enough.

I buy peanuts in the shell and put them out to tempt Charlie so he doesn't go after so much of the birdseed. It's worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

My squirrels are greedy here too but I put a squirrel baffle on my feeder and now they cant get to the food, bwahaha. Of course I had to put it away from trees because in the past they have tried to jump out of trees onto the feeder but where it is now seems to be fine so far. They still come around the bottom to get what the birds spill but Im ok with that. I hadnt thought much about azaleas before I do have some but mine are not big because of our poor dirt here but now that you mention it I have seen some big ones around here though and they are beautiful for sure. :o)

LadyStyx said...

Hm. My birdies and the resident squirrels get along just fine. I'll have to post a picture of all of them some day.