Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We have four feeders filled with seed and two wired baskets filled with suet hanging from our trees.  Yet this greedy guy decided he wanted the humming bird’s sugar water.

Humming bird trying to get to the feeder with another bird sitting on it
My little humming bird putting on the brakes when he sees he has a freeloader at his feeder

Bird of unknown origin sitting on the hummingbird feeder
What’s with that “Don’t mess with me look?”  Now that is just mean.  He isn’t even going to share.
  Humming bird drinking from feeder
All is right in the world again (for now).


Intense Guy said...

I guess you can't blame a thirsty woodpecker for trying out the local "lemonade stand"!

Beautiful shots - the hummingbird is so cool!!

Rita said...

Love hummingbirds! Have you ever seen this youtube channel that shows them in slow motion?
You got a great close-up shot!! Good thing those feeders make it hard for other birds to get the nectar out. :):)

Anonymous said...

Girl those are awesome shots of the birds I am so totally jealous LOL I have tried the feeders but ants always get to mine because of the sweetness :o( Thanks for sharing I sure loved looking at those! HUGS

AliceKay said...

Those are great shots of the hummingbird. *two thumbs up*

While I was getting supper last night and standing by the kitchen sink looking out the window, a hummingbird flew up to it and almost looked me in the eye. I was a little surprised. Maybe it was checking out Petrie. LOL I don't put out hummingbird feeders. It's just to windy on my front porch most of the time. My mother has two feeders out at her place just down the diveway from me so they have food close by anyway.

Porch Days said...

Well, I've never seen that happen. Our seeds, suet feeder and hummingbird feeder are all very close together but no one has ever gotten confused. It would be great if you could share plants. It is expensive to start a garden from scratch. Nancy H

That corgi :) said...

too cute! I didn't know what kind of bird was invading the hummingbird feeder so I'm glad I read Iggy's comment. Maybe he was thinking "the sugar water is better on this side of the feeder". You did great getting those shots!!


LadyStyx said...

We used to have problems with ants at the bird feeder as well, until we hosed the post down with cooking spray ;). Greased that bugger right up and the ants can't get up it now.

Lovely bird shots. I can't seem to get good ones with the birds in flight.

Toriz said...

Tweet, tweet!

ChicagoLady said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I had just a bit more sunlight on my balcony so I could get good pictures of the birds. That looks like it might be a female Downy Woodpecker. Never heard of them going after sugar water though, lol.

jewelzmomof4 said...

WOW mom you take the most beautiful pictures!!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Good photography!!! Just amazing shots!