Monday, May 30, 2011

God Bless Them All

This day was set aside during the Civil War as a day to remember Union soldiers who fought and lost their lives during war.  It was called Decoration Day.  We've been watching the Civil War miniseries that we recorded from the History Channel sometime ago.  It is a powerful message of the futility and destruction of lives wrought by war.  Today I also remember the Confederate Soldiers who were apparently left out of the original declaration. 

Today we know this day as Memorial Day.  We have a great deal to be thankful for, and those who fought and died to protect us, deserve to be remembered.  As I sit here typing, through the corner of my eye I catch sight of our American Flag dancing in the wind.  Without the death of so many brave souls, that flag would be no more.  The thought is a bit overpowering.

I also remember those who fought in other wars - wars that could even have been avoided or were ours not to fight - and lived to come home with memories and heartaches too powerful to talk about.  Experiences that haunted or will haunt them the rest of their lives.  They have paid a very high price for their patrioism.  You, too, are in my heart and prayers.

Today I also keep my nephew, Jesse, in my thoughts and prayers as he continues to serve his country and lives in the dangers of war.

God Bless You every single one - and God Bless America.

The sun is shining here, the heat is upon us, and the cicadas are singing louder every day.  We were able to hear them inside our closed up house this morning.  It is an amazingly powerfully irritating song.  The shells they are leaving everywhere are pretty irritating too. 

I am out of my funk now.  Sometimes life just gets a bit overwhelming.  In answer to some of your comments on my previous post, our "situation house guest" will have been here a year on August 29.  We have told him that it is our goal - and must be his goal - to be in a place of his own by August 29 of this year.  He now has a steady, although low paying and no benefits, job.  Once he is again standing on his own two feet, it is my belief  that his self esteem will return.  With that, hopefully, will come better opportunities.  I can only pray.

Love and good wishes to all.


Toriz said...

EXcellent post!

I hope that Jesse comes home safely!

I also hope your house guest leaves soon.

ChicagoLady said...

God Bless you Punkn. You said it better than I ever could. It's only recently that I've really understood and appreciated the meaning of Memorial Day. Americans need to make sure their children know why we celebrate Memorial Day, not just because we've decided it's the unofficial start of summer.

Texas Gal said...

Thank your nephew Jesse for all he does for us.

Nice post..and me being a confederate rebel thanks for remembering our guys too. (lol had to say that ya know)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Deanna, all the brave men and women fighting for our country should be remembered every day. Hope yours was a very nice one and I'm glad your out of your funk :o)

Anonymous said...

God Bless All Who Served and God Bless You and Your Family!

That corgi :) said...

beautiful tribute to all soldiers, Deanna; it truly is a sacrifice and I think takes a special person to want to consider serving in the military; lots of hardships and dangers to protect our freedom! I second what TexasGal says to say thank you to your nephew Jesse for his service to our country.

I am glad you are out of your funk, Deanna. It is good that there may be a potential date in mind that he will be able to leave and you can reclaim your space and your house and bring back some order to it. It was good you were willing to give him a hand and to give him a hand for so long!

I hope your day was a good restful one


AliceKay said...

God bless every man and woman who has paid the ultimate sacrifice for serving our country, defending our liberties, and helping those in need.

I hope Jesse returns home safely and doesn't have long lasting effects from what he has lived thru.

I hope your house guest can abide by your wishes and achieve your goal for him. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

God bless you Punkn. Thank you Jesse for what you do.

The harshest part of the Memorial Day memories is the loss - someone said, when looking at rows and rows of crosses in a cemetery in France or Belgium, that each cross not only represents a fallen man - but it moreover represents a torn family - some of the survivors have suffered for years after the loss of their solder.

I look at those that serve(d) in "unneccessary" and "not ours to fight" as heros just as much as the others - the traitors were the leaders in this country that let them and the Aamerican public for which they "swear to safeguard" down. If only they were required to lead from the front like days of yore - it might put a stop to a lot of the suffering and loss.