Friday, June 24, 2011

Honor Thy Father

How fitting that my Grandson, Allen, made his First Holy Communion on Father's Day.

Alicia, Reagan, Allen, Fr. Bob, Greg

In the Catholic Church, this is a person's first time to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which is the focal point of our faith.   The Eucharist nourishes our soul.  Allen was Baptized as an infant and now joins his family at the Lord's Table.
Allen's First Holy Communion was a day of excitement.  He was dressed in a white shirt and tie, black pants and new cowboy boots.  It doesn't get any snazzier than that!  As his mom, dad, and sister, Grandparents, and his Baptismal Godparents watched, he walked to the Altar alone and said Amen to the Body and Blood of Christ.

Allen receiving the Body of Christ for the first time

After leaving Church, we headed to Greg and Alicia's for a little nourishment for our bodies.  Allen received gifts from everyone. 

Opening present of his Great Grandpa's prayerbook in a keepsake box

I don't remember the last time I've spent such a beautiful, relaxing day.

We have celebrated some other special days over the past few weeks.  Hopefully I'll get a post about them done soon.  It will definitely be a case of "better late than never"! 


That corgi :) said...

I like the present of his great grandfather's prayer book! I am sure that is very special indeed! A joyous occasion for you and your family, Deanna!!


AliceKay said...

Allen looks very happy with his family in your first picture. I bet he was having a wonderful day. His great grandfather's prayer book will mean a great deal to him one day. What a special gift.

I remember when my kids received their First Holy Communion. My parents gave both of them the Catholic edition of the Precious Moments Bible. Our church always has it on the Saturday before Mother's Day.

That's a very modern looking church. Beautiful, too.

I loved this post, Deanna. :)

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Awwwww Allen. Memories. Sweet. I would have loved to have worn cowgirl boots at my First Holy Communion. I just remember those little white frilly anklet socks! I am sure I got religious gifts but the one gift I remember is my baseball glove. Sweet pictures Deanna, you been busy!

ChicagoLady said...

Allen definitely looked snazzy! I bet it was exciting to watch him walk all by himself to receive his first communion.

Toriz said...

What a special day for him; and for the whole family!

Rita said...

He looks so happy and proud. The whole family is beaming! What a wonderful day. :)

Missouri Gal said...

Congrats to Allen!

Intense Guy said...

Wow.. what a wonderful present! I hope he cherishes for a great many years.

All these grandkids with all these milestones must really keep you hopping Punkn!!

:) and so happy and proud of 'em!