Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thanks for being a friend

My world has been a busy one these past few weeks.  There are lots of special things that happen in June every year - and this year has been filled with the usual and then some.  I will catch up one of these days, though... I promise!

Imagine my surprise when going through the mail last week and discovered this little gem:

Thanks for being a friend

My blogger friend, Queenie Jeannie has been at it again.  She creates the prettiest cards - and I am always excited when I am the recipient of one.

"Thanks for being a friend" - is stamped on the inside - and then a very sweet note that says "Deanna, This picture reminds me of your lovely gardens!  Enjoy your spare time, sitting on the porch, with a cool glass of iced tea!  Hugs, Jeannie."  The photo doesn't quite show the beautiful details of the gate stamp colored by Jeannie with her Copic markers.  At least I'm pretty sure it was... I'm sure she will tell me if I am wrong!

Jeannie, I would love it if you were visiting with me on my front porch right this very minute!  We'd have a wonderful time.  Of course, it would be a bit of a challenge for you to get here considering you are still in Italy!  (I'm still very jealous about that).


Intense Guy said...

Jeannie makes really intricate and lovely cards - but in this case I think the nicest part is what she wrote.

"Thanks for being a friend."

Such glorious words. We all need to use them too -

So Punkn and Jeannie, thanks for being a friend.

Waiter!! Nice cool glasses of ice tea all around, please!

ChicagoLady said...

That's a cute card and suits you perfectly, Punkn.

Rita said...

What a pretty card!! Sounds like you two are great friends. What a sweet thing for her to do. :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

What a neat card! That is so sweet of her to make and send to you.

That corgi :) said...

beautiful card!! such talent she has!! glad that June is a special month for you Deanna! Hope you are enjoying all the wonderful things about it!!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohmygosh! Totally blushing over here!!

So glad you liked your card, Sweetie! I thought about you while I was creating it, and yes, I used my beloved Copics to color it, lol!! You've been paying attention I see!! It's been a while since I sent you one, so you were way overdue! HUGS!! And thank you for the special online attention!

Anonymous said...

Jeannie is such a sweet and kind friend for sure, I also received a wonderful card from her recently. That sitting on the porch is sounding good :o)

AliceKay said...

Very cute card and nice sentiment inside. :)

Yep, Jeannie is a very good friend and so creative. I was a recipient of one of her cards this past week as well. Caught me totally off guard, but it helped make a bad day a better one. :)

I hope you enjoy your Sunday, Deanna. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Enjoy what free time you do have, and don't worry about the blogs; they'll be here when you can get to them! :)

LadyStyx said...

The pictures NEVER manage to capture the quality work and love that Jeannie puts into her cards. It is very lovely.

Texas Gal said...

how cute! stay safe from the water that's coming down the missouri have been in my thoughts after reading how KC is flooding and the river is breeching.

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Good Morning Deanna! It is a wonderful thing to get a card from a friend anymore, you know with email, texting and all the other ways that have taken our incentive to send a handwritten note away anymore. Very sweet. Did I hear PORCH?