Saturday, June 11, 2011

An unexpected rant

Heading home from Austin's baseball game last night I looked to the right and was favored with a beautiful sight.  I said "stop!" and he didn't (more like couldn't).  But he did turn around so I could capture the sky.

The skies over the Jefferson City last night
 As I look at this picture, I can't help but think of our lawmakers roaming the halls of the Capitol Building, making tough decisions that will impact each and every one of us.  I pray that God leads them to quit squabbling and looking after their own petty special interests, and instead work together to get our state back on solid ground.  We are floundering.  I have no answers to the problems and have never pretended to.  These dudes in that white building, though, did claim to have the answers when they ran for office. 

There is so much waste in government.  As a 30+ year retired government employee, I can make that statement with 100% certainty.  And the waste is usually not in the rank and files.  It is with the bosses who think they are entitled to perks and favor constituents.  Get over yourself!  If everyone would get down and dirty and give 100%, we would see results.  And while I'm on the subject.  I want to go on record that Government employees get a bad rap that they largely don't deserve.  As with any business, there are those employees who don't do their job, are lazy, rude, call in sick when they  aren't sick, take extended lunch hours or breaks, and in general are just lousy employees.  But on the flip side, the majority of my co-workers are dedicated, hard working, individuals who gave 100% to their careers.  They care about the service  they provide.  Government should be run like a business and it isn't.  If it were, there would be fewer free-loading employees and the citizens would have a greater respect for government and the service it provides to all of us. 

Missouri River Bridges at Jefferson City
Speaking of government not doing its job.  See the twin bridges in the above photo?  They are a major thoroughfare into Jefferson City.  During the flood of '93, these bridges were out of commission for a long period of time because the flood waters washed out the roadways leading to them.  The headlights coming towards you would have been underwater.  We are now told that the Corps of Engineers plans to release waters from a dam in Nebraska/SouthDakota that is holding back the waters from the heavy winter and spring rains.  They predict that the resulting flood waters here will exceed the flood of '93.  Many are asking why did they wait so long to release the waters.  Why was it held back until it reached this critical stage, resulting in major flooding here, rather than a slow release that the riverway could have handled.  I believe the Corps didn't do their job and now everyone will pay for their incompetence.

This post was supposed to be a simple picture of the sky and a wish to everyone that you have a nice weekend.  And now look!  I went on a rant.  *shaking my head at myself as I hit publish*

Oh, and I do hope everyone has a great weekend!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, I hope you have a great weekend, too. I agree 100% with what you said about government waste. Wasting time, taxpayer's money, looking out for themselves and their special interests, etc etc. And don't get me started on the upcoming release of flood waters!! It's like..where do they get these people and do they have a brain? Okay, I'll quiet down now. I hear ya loud and clear and many of us feel the same way as you do. Again, have a great weekend. At least it's cooler today...yippee!

That corgi :) said...

that is a beautiful picture of the sky Deanna!! I totally understand your ranting and your frustrations! I think all we can do is to pray for our leaders and pray for the next round of elections that wise people who care about fixing problems will be elected rather than those who have their own agenda that just involves them.

I do hope you have a good weekend too!!!!


Funny in My Mind said...

I heard that on the news and am equally disgusted that all those people thought they were out of the way of danger and because someone dropped the ball, they will surely get flooded.
Will that affect your home?
This year has been something else with all the weather. Can we just have a quiet hot summer in peace? (go away cicadas!)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Rita said...

I agree with your rant. There are some bad eggs and in a regular business they'd be fired. What a beautiful shot of the sky and clouds. No wonder it made you think of how ugly it can be inside the building.

And why is it that logic seems to be missing in simple things like let the water out gradually?? Duh!

Well, have a nice weekend, anyways. ;)

Toriz said...

Well, despite everything going on in your head - refering to the details of your rant, obviously - I hope you are having a great weekend so far, and that the rest of your weekend is enjoyable!

Queenie Jeannie said...

No answers, but lots of hugs!!!

Texas Gal said...

Did you notice that the beautiful shot of the sky kinda looks like a dragon gonna eat the capital building? wow!

Not only in Missouri..but the entire US needs to get with it. Between them lining their own pockets and taking more out of ours..*sigh*

Have a great weekend! *hugs*

Texas Gal said...

Did you notice that the beautiful shot of the sky kinda looks like a dragon gonna eat the capital building? wow!

Not only in Missouri..but the entire US needs to get with it. Between them lining their own pockets and taking more out of ours..*sigh*

Have a great weekend! *hugs*

AliceKay said...

That's a great shot of the clouds and the capitol building.

Pennsylvania is in pretty bad financial shape, too. We voted in a governor who was supposed to help the little people by cutting government waste, but all he seems to have done is cut the education budgets (our school district alone lost around $400,000 in state funding). He lets the natural gas companies go do whatever they want to do, and won't impose a severence tax or impact fee. (you know my rants there...have posted them many times)

I love that shot of those two bridges. I noticed the very expensive foot bridge you posted about awhile back is there in the picture, too. If that area gets flooded, lots of people will be losing out. Someone surely did drop the ball there. I pray it doesn't get as bad as you fear. It looks like it would be devastating.

ChicagoLady said...

I agree with Karla, it does sort of look like a dragon, or maybe an alligator. Beautiful shot of the clouds, though!

When you think about all the natural flooding that has occurred, the purposeful flooding that has and is occurring, plus all the tornadoes that have damaged farms nearly beyond repair, my biggest worry is a food shortage. We're still sending food overseas, but we have lost a major percentage of our crops this year due to natural disasters and govt decisions.

Go store up on food, please!

junyah said...

It's called Venting my dear, everybody needs to do that now and then. Everybody knows to the Government is the biggest one to waste anything.No matter what the cause or who designed what , if they need a damm in the river, they will end up building two.
Shakes heads. i wished they would waste some money on Ole Juyah here . Take care .. Y.O.P. Junyah

Intense Guy said...


It would be nice if one's venting or ranting actually made one feel better - the frustrating part of this sort of thing is - no one seems to listen in our government - and no one seems to learn anything - they (the gubberminters) are all too busy trying to find new places to steal (errr.. tax) money from...

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you and this post, Im so sorry about the flooding that will occur, definitely nothing nice to say about the government these days for sure.