Monday, July 25, 2011

Seven things about me

Last week Intenseguy honored me with an Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.
 Sweet blog awardMost of those who follow my blog, follow his.  If you don’t, you are missing out.  Iggy’s blog has taught me a lot about history – sometimes things I kind of already knew, and often time the odd bit that I never would have heard of if it wasn’t for his blog.  And then, there are the spattering of sensitive, heart warming, and honest, it is what it is, posts.  Not to play favorites, but I will have to admit his is hands down one of my favorite blogs.  I guess that is the reason this award is meaningful - His opinion means a lot to me.
I'm supposed to tell you 7 random facts about myself, tag people and pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.
  • I love to bake homemade goodies.  There is no better scent than a freshly baked loaf of bread, or rolls, or pie, or…. well you get the picture.   Although I don’t bake very much any more, for the obvious reason that the two of us don’t need all of that temptation, I still find kneading and pounding dough as a great way to work off stress and frustration.  Try it sometime!
  • I have an apron fetish.  They fascinate me!  I remember my grandma Hood always wearing an apron.  She would be taking it from around her waist as she’d come out to greet us when we arrived at her house.  Then the moment she went back inside, the apron would reappear around her ample girth.  Man how I loved that woman! 
Can you tell by looking at this picture which apron I did not make?  I honestly wear them all the time.   In addition to these aprons, I’ve made them for friends and my kids.  They all probably think I am nuts.
  • I recently completed 4 weeks (2 times a week) physical therapy for arthritis and bursitis pain.  We did strengthening exercises, ultrasound, and a treatment call Iontophoresis.  This treatment pulsated steroid medication directly into the painful area without the need for injections.  For the first time in many years I am mostly pain free… and lovin’ it!
  • If you ever tell me I cannot do something, you may well be the cause of my demise, because if I am not able to do whatever you said I can’t, I may die trying.
  • I hate sauerkraut.  I hate bowling.  I fixed sauerkraut for Jim and a friend last week, and went bowling with Jim yesterday.  True love.
  • My favorite dog breed is Golden Retriever.  I still miss our Goldens, Dolly Belle and Lucas, even though both have been gone for many years.  However since I don’t like contending with large house pets, I now have a love/hate relationship with my demon dog Chihuahua, Whiskey.  And yes, I absolutely love the little turd.
  • For many years I was a secretary.  Then I went to college and worked my way up the ladder to an administrator in a data center, running after the money rather than happiness.  Now I am retired and work part time as a secretary (among many other hats since I am the only employee) at church.  I am happier than I have been in years, once again doing what I am best at. Speaking of secretaries, in this day and age of electronics, it seems they are a dying breed.   Does anyone else still know short hand?  Do my younger readers even know what short hand is or looks like?  (and no, I don’t mean LOL and GMTA, and U R)  My mom taught it to me when I was still in grade school.  When I officially learned it in high school, though, I discovered mom’s shorthand was different than what was being taught in class.  I had a terrible time undoing the bad habits I had already learned!  After all these years, I still write my notes in short hand.  Old habits sometimes die hard (or not at all). 
    I am supposed to pass this award on, but sometime I don’t play by the rules (ooops that is number 8 about me).  If you think this would be a fun thing to do, please grab the award and join in, because each and every one of my readers are special and irresistibly sweet.  I found it fun to do a “me, me, me!” blog.  Try it, you’ll like it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your Punkn and I am so glad that you are not in pain right now, I have to go to the foot doctor Thursday UGH! I just bought me an apron book at Barnes n Nobles and I cant wait to try and make the ones I really like and I will be adding those to my daughters hope chest :o) I love sauerkraut but it dont love me LOL Hope your week is going well so far HUGS!!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

You thought of some good things to share that never occured to me. I have to remeber the KISS rule don't I?

AliceKay said...

Lots of things I never knew about you. Loved reading about them, too.

I'm glad the physical therapy and other treatments helped and you're mostly pain free. It's hard to have to deal with pain 24/7.

I took two years of shorthand in high school and was very good at it. One of the fastest and most accurate in my class. But like some things, if you don't use it, you lose it, and I've pretty much lost it. (i do remember how to write "Dear Sir"

Thanks for sharing your 7 (or is that 8?) random things.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Aprons are the rage right now. I was just talking about aprons this morning with my friend. She just ordered hand-made aprons for all her nieces as Christmas gifts. What a neat idea I thought. Glad your pain free. I think there is nothing worse than chronic pain. It leaves you tired and blah.

ChicagoLady said...

Thanks for sharing more insights into your soul! I love sauerkraut. In fact, Saturday night I went to a German restaurant and had knackwurst, sauerkraut and spatzle. With a glass of Gewurtzraminer wine. Yummy!!!

I know my mom knew shorthand, but she never taught it to me, and I honestly don't know how much she actually used it once I was around, since she was a homemaker by then. I think more for taking notes before typing things on her typewriter and such.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I learned a bunch of new things about you! And loved every bit of it!!! Hugs to you sweet friend!!!

Rita said...

Iggy is sweetly unique!
An apron. I remember one of my Swedish grandmas always wore one, now that I think about it. Fresh baked goods--ahhh!! Yes!

I'm thrilled that you are not in pain!! Constant pain is not easy to live with. Whoohoo!!

I don't really like anything sour--pickles, sauerkraut--gross! That really is true love!

I took shorthand in high school. Us girls wrote notes to each other with it, but never used it once I was out of school so I don't remember a thing, anymore. Something I forgot all about and now you have me wanting to google. I had to google GMTA, BTW--LOL!

This was fun getting to know you better. :):)

Texas Gal said...

I can take shorthand!! Not as fast as when I was younger. Forgotten most of it :( I should get in practice again.
I also love the smell of bread/cookies/cakes cooking. Fills the house with an aroma that brings back shades of youth and easier happier days.
Hope you have a good week.

Intense Guy said...

*shuffles feet and blushes*

You are too nice to me. I just hope I can continue to live up to your expectations of me (and my blog).

Judging from your past photos of the goodies that have come out of your kitchen - your baking must be to die for (it always looks sooooooo scrumdilelicous!) so I betcha that apron is what add the extra touch of magic to what you make. I can also imagine the fabulous aprons Lynn could make!

I've never actually seen a sample of shorthand. My mother used to be able to read it - I think her older sister was the one that wrote it but I'm not sure... its been many years since she talked about it. I'll just have to ask her again tomorrow!

What I loved seeing most of all in your 7 items is that you are feeling so much better and nearly pain-free!! Wooooooooooo hooooooooo!!!! yabba daabbbaaaa doooooooooooo!!!!!

*Does Snoopy dance til he falls over gasping for breath*

Hugest hugs!!!! :)

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Always nice to learn things about you Deanna. I am happy you are very close to pain free. Love your aprons! My Mom always had on an apron when she cooked. I have a picture of her bending over basting the Thanksgiving turkey that makes my heart happy! I bet they are thrilled to have you at the church!

Vicki Lane said...

I have wonderful memories of my grandmother and her aprons -- and have a number of aprons of my own but am not good about remembering to use them.

Toriz said...

Congrats on your award! :)

I agree, Iggy's blog is definately one of the best out there! :)

I also agree that you can't beat the smell of freshly baked homemade bread!

I usually wear an apron for cooking, but I only have the one, and often don't bother... It doesn't cover me enough to be worthwhile really... Could do with a bigger one, I think1!

Glad you're "mostly" pain free! :)

I'm not surprised about number 4... You're as stubbourn as I am! ;)

We had a Golden Retriever. I'll have to find some photos of him to show you... I know I have some on one of my back-up disks somewhere.

I know what short hand is, but I don't know it. I am a quick typer though, having had touch-typing lessons at school (it wasn't a standard lesson, I was having lessons to improve my typing because I typed up my work in school, since my writing was never all that good, and - blaming it on my sight - they decided to just give me a laptop and teach me to type quickly).

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Good seeing your guys at the bowling alley. I too hate to bowl. But as for the sauerkraut, we had turnip kraut for dinner last night. I will have to let you taste it. It's really good. It's not sour as in sauerkraut!

junyah said...

Im just checking in. I like souekraut about twice a year.You have the world by the tail now anyway. Great home, wounderfull family,and to be a little modest, the bestest friends.So whats that called again, i got this pain in my right shoulder that feesl like a knife stuck in me setting her trying to read this.I had a broken collar bone on my left shoulder years a go fro ma dammed snowmobile crash, and this feels about the same. Im useing Hot and icy spray, hey works.. Y.O.P. JunYah