Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knock, knock...

  • It was a year ago Sunday that a relative (NOT one of our children) moved in with us.  With a "gentle" shove, he finished moving out  and slept at his new place last night.
  • I hope and pray he does good and stays on the straight and narrow.  It would be nice if he would begin to make smart decisions too.  Please.....
  • For the first time in a year Jim and I played pool last night.  I won, by the way.
  • We also stood upstairs and yelled - just because we could and nobody was going to hear us and wonder what was wrong!
  • The assisted living facility where my MIL has been living for quite a few years quit accepting Medicare patients.  Her money from the sale of her house ran out this month, so we had to move her.
  • We found a skilled nursing facility in a little town nearby that we feel good about.  They only have a total of 30 patients and all of the attendants, nurses  and doctors we've met so far seems very nice.  The place is clean.  The food smells good.
  • We moved Jim's mom yesterday.  She is NOT happy with us.  More accurately, she is royally pissed at us.  Jim and I always have to be the bad guys.  It's not fair.
  • Did I mention that I am happy to have my house back?
  • The list of honey/wedo's to reclaim our space is going to be a mile long.
  • It begins with cleaning the downstairs bathroom and ultimately remodeling it. 
  • The downstairs bedroom has a maroon/burgundy carpet in it.  That sounds ugly but it really is very pretty.  I'm thinking of painting the walls, bookcases and baseboards shades of gray.  Then all my stuff in its many colors can add spice to the room.
  • The weather here has been gorgeous.  It makes me feel guilty as I watch on the news the terrible effects of Irene.
  • My son told me over the weekend that he is 35 - not the 34 I said he was when I did a birthday blog for him.  That means Tessa is 37.  I wonder now if I got that wrong too.  Where do the years go?
  • I'm making a quilt top.  I haven't decided yet whether I am going to hand quilt it, machine quilt it, or have someone else do it.  Decisions, decisions...
  • I bought material to make two more aprons.  It is a sickness, I tell you... it really is!
  • Months after I completed physical therapy for arthritis and bursitis pain, I am still pain free.  Exercise, exercise, exercise.... it is worth it.
  • So, what is gong on in your world?  I'll catch up on blogs again soon.  I promise!


Toriz said...

YAY to having your place back! Hope the relative gets himself sorted out and keeps it that way. I also hope it's not going to be too much work and expense to reclaim the house as your own again!

That sucks about Jim's Mother though... Can't be easy for her having to move, and can't be easy on you and Jim having to do it (and having to be the bad guys because of it).

Glad you've been having great weather! :)

Hey, at least you made him younger and not older. ;)

If you need an excuse to make an apron, you can make me one... Mine barely covers me, so I could do with a decent one for when I'm baking. ;)

That's great about you being pain free! :)

What's going on in my world centres around sorting things for this upcoming move. Paperwork, packing, decluttering, getting removal van quotes, etc.

junyah said...

A Mans'( Woman's ) Casle is his/Her Home.Got to be hard havein to move mon.But everybody is intitled to life liberty and the PURSUIT of happyness.Life goes on here in New England . Big wind took out the power for a few days.We have had things like this before. Others have had trouble.But here where i am its not that bad .

Steve Skinner said...

There is nothing like an "empty house".

tmarie said...

I can so see you all yelling! Ha!

ChicagoLady said...

I'm so happy your "guest" has finally found his own place.

Can't wait to see pictures of the remodeling of downstairs!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you are feeling so good and that you have your place back!! I'm sure you will have it looking the way you want (and it will be awesome) in no time!

Putting a loved one in a home is bad enough - but having to move them - and them not liking it... is heart-rending.

*hugs you hugely*

AliceKay said...

I'm glad your houseguest finally found a place of his own. I hope he stays on the straight and narrow, too. You and Jim are good people, and I'm glad you finally have your place to yourselves.

So sorry to hear about having to move your mother-in-law. I know it couldn't have been easy for you or her. I hope she adjusts well and forgives you for doing what you and Jim needed to do.

Good luck with the remodeling and the quilt. I'll look forward to pictures in the future. :)

I'm glad you're still pain free months after your physical therapy. :)

Rita said...

Hollering and playing pool! Next you'll be running through the house naked, just because you can! Freedom!!! LOL!

It is no surprise Jim's mom wasn't happy about the move. It is hard enough to move once, let alone twice. Poor thing. If the place and the people are as nice as it appeared, she will hopefully settle in quickly.

LOL! I have to think...and my math skills have never been stellar, by any means...to figure out how old my son is these days. He corrected me earlier this year that he was 36 and not 35. Funny how we guess them younger--ROFL!!

I'm so glad you are still pain free and can hardly wait to see the aprons and quilt you plan to make. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I am going to be training at an all women’s gym soon and would like to create a class that focuses on the core workout.

Queenie Jeannie said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got your house back and your LIFE back!! So beyond happy and thrilled for you! I know what I'd be doing to make a lot of noise...but this is a "G" rated blog, right?? LOL!

Pain-free!! I understand that so well too!

All this time, new pretty space...it must be time to join my team and get stamping!!!! *big cheesy grin*

Big hugs!

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom I am so happy that you all have your house to yourselves again!!!! I am glad you all were strong enough to "gently" shove him out the door and on to his new (hopefully productive) life. I know Grandma will love it there eventually and just remember....she will forget about the move in a couple days lol so all will be right again soon. BTW...Travis is ready to come stay with you all and fish non stop since he will have a room lol. Can't wait to have a get together at your house with EVERYONE...well minus my husband and Cody :(

Vicki Lane said...

It's a shame that you have both the older and the younger generation to worry about. But at least you have your house back!

I'd go with hand quilting -- if you enjoy it. I find it so soothing to do while I listen to a book on tape.

Anonymous said...

Im so happy that you have your home back Punkn!! You need to show off those aprons you have been making, I want to make one for my daughter but I have to take the pattern somewhere and let them blow the thing up, it came in a book that I bought on just aprons at barnes and nobles.