Monday, October 17, 2011

My favorite month

I asked Jim to complete this sentence for me:  Life has been busier than: 

He replied:

A house painter with a two inch brush
Than sh#*
A one legged man in a butt-kickin' contest
A yearling ram in a field of 40  breeding ewes...

That about says it all I guess.

The skies were beautiful yesterday.  The winding road leading home is canopied by multicolored tree limbs.  It is so pretty this time of year.

We watched Allen and Reagan Saturday while Greg and Alicia did more wine hopping.  The ol' soaks!  We had a wonderful day with them.  No pictures, though.  Sometimes the camera needs to be retired and fun just needs to happen.

Sunday we "hit" Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport.  Some of you have asked about the wines.  We have some definite favorite Missouri wines.  Les Bourgeois has an inexpensive wine that we serve often, River Boat Red.  It is a good all around semi-sweet wine.  However, Jim and I lean more towards the dry wines.  Our favorite Missouri wines are Norton and Chambourcin.  Norton is the driest and most expensive, but amazing!  If you are ever in Missouri - do yourself a favor and go to Missouri wineries.  I've been to Napa Valley and let me tell you, I will pit our wines against theirs any day.

After a glass of wine we stopped at Greg and Alicia's to check out the tree house Greg and Allen are building.  Did I say tree house?  From the looks of it, if Jim ever kicks me out (or the other way around), I will have a place to run to. 

Allen's Tree House.  If I understood correctly, he and Greg are standing in what will be a room. 
They are looking through where there  will be window. 

We then headed on down the road to visit Tessa and Bill and the kids.  Julie and her boys had just left there, so we missed them.  But we did have a really nice visit with Tessa's family. 
Monday morning found me trying to complete my selections for my StampIn Up starter kit.  Since I've begun scrapbooking again, I've found that my supplies were sorely wanting.  The easiest way to fix that is to become a StampIn Up Demonstrator.  This has been a very time consuming process (decisions, decisions, decisions!) and I don't believe I would have seen it through if it had not been for my mentor, Jeannie.  She has taken many hours of her time putting together spread sheets, explaining the products, and making recommendations.  She is truly amazing.  Thank you Jeannie!

So what was Jim doing while I was drooling over scrapping choices?
He was slaving over turnips.  We both love slightly salted raw turnips.  But a person can eat only so many of those before they go bad.  Turnips are amazing in vegetable soup.  So when our neighbor gifted us with a batch of turnips, Jim took to the task of peeling and cubing them for freezing.  Don't ask me what his old dump truck is doing in the picture.  He discovered it while cleaning the garage.  I do believe it will find a home on the  shelf in the pool room.
Since the kids didn't have school yesterday (teachers meetings I think), I finally took Dakota birthday shopping yesterday.  His birthday was in September, but I always say, "better late than never".  He settled on Tech Skateboards and a cool track.  Apparently these little boards can be manipulated with a flip of the finger.  According to Julie, he spent the rest of the afternoon watching Youtube videos about different ways to use the track and boards.  I figured they are better than another video game!

I also took Travis to get his driving permit.  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring his Birth Certificate.  I suggested they let him take the test and then give the permit to his mother when she brought in his birth certificate and signed the form.  They wouldn't even consider it!  In Missouri a parent or legal guardian has to be with the child for them to get their permit.  They can take the test without the parent, but the child has to be with the parent when she signs for the permit.  This definitely makes things difficult since Julie can't leave her day care and Travis is in school and then goes directly to foot ball practice after school. They resolved the problem by Julie's friend taking Travis (with his birth certificate!) to take the test this morning.  He passed with flying colors.  Congratulations Travis!  The Department of Revenue is open one Saturday a month, so Julie and Travis will then go pick up the permit on that Saturday.  Can things get any more complicated?  I'm sure they can, but what an ordeal!

We got rain yesterday!  The temperatures are supposed to dip to almost freezin every evening this week and climb to the 50's during the day.  Have you turned your furnace on yet?  Or built a fire?  We haven't, but I do believe that is going to change REAL soon!


Intense Guy said...

Please, don't ever challenge our gubbermint folks with a "can things be made more complicated" statement even in jest!! They are already plotting ways to do just that I'm sure.

Congrats to #60 on the permit! Wow! That tree house is something! Looks like it will have running water and everying! Who gets the cable tv bill? :)

Salted turnips? I've never had the "privilige" - in fact, I'm not even sure they sell 'em in these here parts! I'll have to look next time at the supermarket.

I'm sitting at work today pondering turning on the heat.. its a hand chillin' 60F here inside..

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

So you have been busy! It has been a beautiful MissouREE Fall and sounds like you had some time to sample some great MissouREE wines. Your road home is gorgeous! I like your Hubbie's "we been busier than....". The bluffs on the way to CoMo are beautiful and get better everyday. I don't want Fall to end. Enjoy your Tuesday Deanna! CH likes turnips, I have tried one!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, your fall collage is pretty, I love fall too. I'll be sad when the leaves have all fallen. I'm not a winter person at all! We turned the furnace on last night and the warmth feels good today.
That looks to be an awesome tree house in the making! And congrats to your grandson on getting his permit.
We got a little bit of rain here yesterday, too. We need a lot more.
Have a great day!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hey Girlfriend!!!

What a gorgeous, gorgeous home you have!!!! Wow!! You could make incredible cards with all that gloriousness! I can't wait until you become "official"!!!!!

I love wine, although I prefer the sweeter to the dryer kinds. Still, I'll never say no to a glass!

Sounds like you have been busy, but having a ball with your family - perfecto!!!

Rita said...

Beautiful around your parts!!
I don't drink wine at all, so I'd be no judge--LOL!
That tree house looks amazing! I would have loved one when I was a kid. :)
So you're going to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator! Have fun!
I like turnips cooked with a roast, but I have never tried them raw! Not sure I'd like them that way. Maybe if they were small like those turnips are. ;)
What a lot of hassle for that permit. But then, the government has never been known for being accommodating--LOL!
The cold weather is on its way! Stay warm!! :):)

AliceKay said...

You have a lot of beautiful scenery around your home.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend with your kids and grandkids. That treehouse is gonna be really cool when it's finished. I helped build a few of those when I was a kid, but nothing as extravagant as that one appears to be.

I'm not a wine drinker so wouldn't know one from another. There are several local wineries around our area, but I've never gone to them.

Have fun with the Stampin'!

I can honestly say I've never heard of Tech Skateboards before. I'll have to go looking to see what they are. Sounds like Dakota is having fun with his. Nice job, Grandma. :)

Good luck to Travis with the driving.

My furnace has been running for weeks.

ChicagoLady said...

A house painter with a two inch brush. Classic!

Beautiful pictures of your area! The leaves around me all change at different times and fall at different times, so I have trees in every stage right now. I would love to have all the trees changing together, but I think that's a bit too much to ask for.

I've had my heat on and off for weeks, depending on the weather.

I prefer white wine, but will never pass up a good glass of red, lol.

Toriz said...

Yes; definately busy in your part of the world!

I'll give the wines a miss; I don't drink wine from anywhere... Unless they have some non-alcaholic stuff you can recommend? ;)

That was definately quite an ordeal to get the permit sorted for Travis; sounds like it was worth it though... Well done to him! :)

We have electric heaters here, and we've had to start putting them on. Only in the mornings and evenings (except yesterday when I put one on to put my bread in front of so it would rise quickly).

Travis Erwin said...

Love all those trees. Life has been busy for me as well.

jewelzmomof4 said...

Well you two definately make me look forward to retirement!! LOL.....The skate boards are Tech Deck skateboards and yes he comes home everyday and gets them out and plays with them non stop lol. Travis is so excited to go get his official permit in a little over a week. Thanks for taking him and trying to get it on monday.

Anonymous said...

Im so jealous of your drive, wow what beautiful scenery thanks so much for sharing I just love the winding roads. There is one spot that I pass through here that gets pretty this time of year and I just love passing through when the leaves are falling and the color of course. Im gonna have to try me some turnips in soup one day that sounds so good. HUGS!