Monday, October 31, 2011


Often life takes unexpected turns as we go about our merry way.  And everybody handles what are often life changing events in different ways. 

When Jim and I are together on one of our many drives in the country, I will become lost in thought.  Usually Jim will say “a penny for your thoughts…” – and then he gets more than he bargained for - a whole jumbled bag of pennies.  Things like, “well I saw that bird, which made me think of this person, and that made me realize he said this, and that made me think of I forgot to do that…”  Thoughts work that way sometimes.
As we drove on Saturday, my thoughts kept straying to friends.  In this day and age, friends come from so many more places than they did years ago.  Not only do friends come into our lives from the usual places, like family, church, ex-coworkers, former classmates, acquaintances; but it is much more far reaching.  We have chats, blogs, social media…

So, here is a sample of my driving thoughts: 

“I’m hoping he is going to be ok and is able to recover at home without returning to the hospital.  It seems we  almost automatically say we will pray for people, but how many of us really do.  He is so patient with those kids and always doing things with them, and teaching them.  I think if I lost my job, I would be doing exactly what she is and re-evaluate what is really going to make me happy and fit my changing life.  It seems so unfair that an ex can take control like she does without giving any consideration to how it affects him and his family. He is already driving.  How is that possible? He treats me like I am his life.  Do I really deserve such devotion?  Everything is so pretty.  God is good.  I didn’t know she had a second stroke and she is so young.  Why God?  She never complains. Why can’t I be a better friend.  It seems I spend too much time doing things that make me happy and not thinking of others. She is always surrounded by kids and yet never complains.  I don’t know that I could do that… I’m pretty sure I couldn’t.  She hasn’t blogged in almost a year and nobody has heard from her.  What could have happened? He works so hard on the farm and travels and she just keeps going, taking care of things at home. She tells me she loves me every time she talks to me.  It means so much to me… “

Gravel road leading to Muddy Bottom Wild Life Preserve

So as we travel this road down to the Muddy Bottom Wild Life Preserve, how about a penny for your thoughts…

Concrete Marker of Civil ar Battle

We parked the car and walked towards the railroad tracks.  Imagine our surprise when we happened onto a Civil War Marker.  “The Battle of Boonville Began Here June 17, 1861  Gen Lyon Commander of the Union Forces”  This was 111 years to the day before Jim & I were wed.

”How many? How young? How many died? Were they local boys? Did his mama know immediately in her heart that her boy was gone?  How long before she was officially told?  How long did they lay on the battle field suffering?  Was there a Union hospital nearby in Boonville?  What were their dying thoughts and wishes...”  More thoughts.

Railroad tracks winding through the Missouri River Bluffs

What is it that makes railroad tracks and trains magnetic?  Those iron rails extend forever into the distance.  They always make my thoughts turn to life and directions and those who have come and gone.  And what lays ahead in the short life remaining.  No matter how old you are, life is short.  It just is.

Airplane getting ready to land

As we left the river bottoms, a plane flew overhead.  There must be a small airport in Boonville.  I’d like to be on an airplane on some new adventure right now – or soon.  Maybe next year.

Our destination was to drop off plans for a television stand to our Amish friend, Mose.  As we stood on his front porch talking to him, we got a peek of his world inside.  His wife was standing at the window, ironing starched white bonnets.  The untold number of children were peeking out at us.  A few of the younger boys ventured outside on the porch with us, but would barely talk.  One finally agreed he was nine, after Jim guessed his age up to eleven – and said he knew Greg and Allen. 

I have to wonder what Mose and  his son Jacob, who works with him, thinks of our fancy ideas of how furniture needs to be constructed in order to hold our many worldly toys.  I envy their simple life and yet strive to clutter mine more.  More to think about.

Deanna looking at Amish made baskets

We stopped for gas at a station right outside of Boonville.  See the gas sign?  $3.05.  It was actually $3.15.  We didn’t complain, considering that was still a lot cheaper  than we would have paid elsewhere.  We were left wondering if the price had just gone up to $3.15 or was going down to $3.05.  More to think about.
Mose’s neighbor, Jacob, and his little brother and sister, were selling baskets they had made.  I bought a couple to help organize my scrapbooking supplies.  Again, more thoughts about their simple life.  See the little shoes  on the concrete slab?  It was a cool 50 degrees and both children were running around barefoot.  They said their feet were not cold.  Do we protect our children too much?  Maybe we should give them the freedom to run barefoot more.  More to think about.

Jim blowing leaves off the driveway

Back home again, the leaves have taken over.  When dad was alive, he always struggled with knowing where to drive along our never ending driveway that circles in and out of trees.  So, even though dad is no longer with us, Jim blows the leaves off the drive… just in case. 

Driveway almost clear

So with a little determination, a lot of repetition, and belief that he will succeed, the leaves are all blown away.  Even though he knows the winds will blow more leaves his way, and he will have to do it all over again in a week or so, he perseveres.

That’s life…


Joyce Kay said...

LOVE THOSE PICTURES! Pictures are worth a thousand words. I love to go out for country drives down back roads. Enjoy your blog!

spacegirl60 said...

You do seem to live a simple life also. Yes, you have all the bells and whistles but yet you have your family values that you share with friends and family. You might not live like Amish but yet you live a good wholesome life. I don't think you could ask for more than that.

Rita said...

Oh Deanna! My mind is a constant leaping source of questions and curiosity, too! People who are used to me can follow my conversations, but sometimes I lose people as I bounce and dart from thought to thought and subject to subject during a conversation. I usually find my way back around, but sometimes I get lost as to where I started, too, these days--LOL! I'm always wondering about people and different time periods and whys. I absolutely loved this post!! :):)

AliceKay said...

I loved your pictures, too. Each one tells a wonderful story.

I think we all have thoughts such as yours on a regular basis. Do we share them? Most of the time we don't, but maybe we should, just as you have done. I like how your thoughts go back to friends time after time.

Finding that Civil War marker was really neat. I bet there are lots of them around, hidden from most people's view.

I have a love for trains and railroad tracks. There is something magnetic about them that draws you right to them.

I had an Amish woman at my desk today. She was buying a pair of Muck boots for her husband. She rode over with a neighbor who was also picking up feed today. I'm surprised you (must have been Jim since it looks like you looking at the baskets?) were able to get a picture. Most Amish frown on having their pictures taken. Nice picture, tho. :)

And wow, the price of that gas. It's $3.559 here. :\

That's a lot of leaves. One of the downfalls of having so many trees around you. But I bet you wouldn't trade that for anything, would you? :)

I loved this post and reading your thoughts. *hugs*

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

That darn Jim uses a leaf blower!?!? I have a rake that will fit his hand.
We have bought a basket at that same gas stations top near Boonville. It's even signed on teh bottom.
I can't wait to see your cabinet.

Deanna said...

Thank you Joyce Kay - very much! Your comment means a lot.
Spacey, you may have a point there. We are leading a simpler life than many. You've given me more to think about.
I know what you mean Rita. Sometimes you come back round to the original thought and sometimes... well, it doesn't happen.
AK, I find it hard to share thoughts. That is probably the reason i haven't been blogging as much lately. There has been so much whirling in this pea brain of mine and I was resisting letting it out. Jim asked permission to take the photo. He just asked that the little girl not be recognizable in the photo. I don't believe she is - I would have cropped her out if I thought differently.
Patti, we have a couple of those archaic tools too - and even use them! He only uses the leaf blower on the drive. We have two lawn mowers with baggers that we use. They work really well. Even though one pass through the yard fills the bag, it turns it into mulch that does double duty of covering plants during the winter. Win! Yes, the baskets are signed, which makes them double special. Plus they were reasonably priced!!!!

Steve Skinner said...

Love your pitcher of the road with curves, such a road always makes me wonder what's around the corner. Maybe that a way to look at life.

ChicagoLady said...

Wow, those are a lot of thoughts to go through your brain. Oh to be a passenger going down a lonely country road, allowing my thoughts to wander where they may.

I'm sure a certain someone might enjoy looking up whatever he can find on the Battle of Boonville. Maybe he can answer some of your questions?

Love your pictures, sometimes they raise more questions and thoughts to be pondered.

That corgi :) said...

I enjoyed your ride and your thoughts Deanna. Such pretty area there. I would have had the similar thoughts about seeing the Civil War marker. I think that is a kind gesture your hubby still does to clear the leaves out of the driveway; a never ending battle but still a kind gesture!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes I am overcome with thoughts and have to get them all no avail..more take up the empty places. It is easy to say you will pray for only takes a moment to stop and fulfill the promise. Lovely photos of your part of the world..I want simpler too:)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, so were you at the Overton bottoms? There is a small airport near Boonville not far off I-70. I always have a lot of different stuff running through my mind, too. Sometimes I'll ask my hubby what he's thinking about and he'll say "nothing" and I'm wondering how can he do that? LOL I do think the thought processes are slowing down some, tho, just like the rest of me. :D
Enjoyed your photos!

Vicki Lane said...

What a lovely, thoughtful post, Deanna! The first picture is especially wonderful!

Intense Guy said...

This is such a beautiful post... I think this one is one of most favorites.

Our "train of thought(s)" often go Yonder and Hither or is that Hither And Yonder? I can never keep them straight...

Of all the photos - I like the one of Jim making the path to your door accessible to all that might drop by... and can tell your Dad came for at least a fleeting visit... he's in the picture saying "Thank you, Jim."

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I am so relieved to know that someone else's brain works like mine, jumping from one thing to another. Hither and Yon, as Iggy said.

Somewhere in all of that I'll think of something I should wirte about in my blog, but it's soon forgotten when another things zips across. That's very aggarvating.

Toriz said...

Very thought provoking post!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Deanna I love your pictures in this post and the post itself is a wonderful read this morning. Your account of you and your husband in the car is very similar to me and CH. We have us some leaves too!

Creation Corner said...

Your putting to much on your mind, let me give you some rest if only a little bit. The leaves,...they are biodegradable. They turn into Loam.Best thing to do, wait untill spring before attempting to rake.They also insulate around shurbs, trees,flowers. Y.O.P Junyah

Creation Corner said...

Thanks for letting me vist . Y.O.P Junyah