Friday, October 14, 2011

Vanilla or Not Vanilla...

Last weekend was wonderful.  Along with son, Greg, daughter-in-law, Alicia, and their two sweeties, Reagan and Allen, we headed East to Augusta, Dutzow, and Defiance, MO to visit the many wineries there.

The weather was about as good as it can get, with the sun shining and the temperatures hovering around 80 degrees.  The kids were better than the weather.  You would think taking kids to wineries would be a tedious affair, but not with these two.  They were in and out of those car seats enough times to make your head spin, and yet they did not complain a single time.  It truly was a magical day.

I spent more time than I care to think about putting together a slide show of the memories, but for some reason youtube does not like it - even though I used the same program (Windows Live Photo Gallery) that I always do.  So then last night I decided to just load a few of my favorite photos of the weekend.  Blogger didn't like them.  This morning after spinning all night, the pictures had still not loaded.  Grrrrrr.

So here I am, saying life is good.  Time is short.  Fall is busy.  Technology is frustrating.  Family is priceless. The colors of Fall are breathtaking.  And I am still around and will catch up with all of my bloggy friends soon!

Now I am going to try one more time to load a picture or two.  If it doesn't happen almost immediately, then too darn bad.  This will be a vanilla blog.  I like vanilla, don't you?

Brotherly love.  Allen watches over Reagan - except, of course, when he is tormenting her.  So often I want to call him little Greg... he is so much like his daddy!

Mother and daughter - words of wisdom

Nobelis Winery Vinyard

Nobelis winery in Augusta had these huge balls for the kids to play on.  They spent forever rolling down the long hills and bopping each other back an forth. 

If I could only read her miind right now

Reagan and Allen on the way to the last winery - what troopers!

Rolling Missouri hills hinting of fall colors

Allen and Greg - love the people, love the scenery!

According to Wiki.answers, 'In vino veritas' is Latin for 'in wine, the truth'. It refers to the fact that, owing to their inhibitions being lowered, people are more honest after they have been drinking alcohol, and often say things they wouldn't say if sober.  I do believe that about sums it all up!

Vinyard mural painted on the side of a metal building
  Well how about it!  This post isn't vanilla after all.  Now I am going to try linking to one of my youtube videos that did load and leave you with the sounds of children playing.

Like I said, I'll be around the blogs soon.  I promise!!!!! (thanks Iggy for getting a good link for me. you're the bestest!)


Intense Guy said...

Such a cute pair - Reagan and Allen really got whalloped on those big bouncing balls - especially Reagan!! I had to love the fact she just got back up, dusted herself off, and then threw herself back on/at the ball!

The fall colors are hinting there... they are finally doing the same here - perhaps this weekend will be the fall foliage weekend we've waited for -

I'm glad to see you are back - was wondering where ya might be - should of known you were sampling the grape goodies. :)

Did you find any extra special good bottles?

Intense Guy said...

Something's screwy with the youtube link... here it is for the others:

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Beautiful pics!!

That corgi :) said...

I think the winery with the big balls for the kids to play with was a winner! They knew, keep the kids busy for a bit so the adults could enjoy the wine (and perhaps buy a bottle or two to take home). How neat to have wineries in Missouri; I wouldn't have thought that, but I guess anywhere that grapes will grow you can have a winery! It does look like a great day you had, Deanna! I loved the pictures of the leaves changing; gorgeous!


Rita said...

I love vanilla, but I'm glad this didn't end up being a vanilla blog! What beautiful shots!! Love the fall trees. The link worked for me and was so cute. That ball was huge! What a wonderful trip!

Have a great weekend! :):)

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you got some pictures to work because I sure loved seeing them. Wow the colors are already so beautiful up there thanks so much for sharing and I just love your upbeat attitude about life HUGE hugs to you!!!!!

ChicagoLady said...

How perfect to have something to entertain the kids while the adults are sampling the vino. Looks like fall the fall colors are finally coming in, this cooler weather should hasten the leaves to change more quickly.

AliceKay said...

Cute video of the kids playing with that ball. Looks (and sounds) like they were having a lot of fun. :)

What a fun outing with the family. Looks like you all had a great time of it. The countryside in Missouri looks spectacular. Kinda looks like that around here. *winks*

Thanks for sharing your pics and video. I'm glad it wasn't vanilla after all. :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like you and your family had a great time! The scenery is really pretty, too. I'm glad Blogger finally cooperated. I know what you mean about the spinning, sometimes it just takes forever for the photos to pop up.
Have a nice weekend!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome grandkids you have there!! Sounds like your trip was a huge success! didn't say anything about the wines you had, lol!!

Sure does look pretty too! Hugs!!

Steve Skinner said...

Loved the video and your fall colors are outstanding!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a cute video - those two are adorable! I enjoyed the tour too. (please note - you had my undivided attention from the very beginning: "to visit the many wineries" :)) Lovely photos! -Tammy

Toriz said...

You must have the best behaved grandkids in the world! :)

And, don't worry about the blogs... Enjoy those grandkids - and the rest of your family; the blogs will wait! :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Sounds like and looks like a GREAT trip. We did that several years ago, I still kind of remember the trip home. What a hoot.
Those grand kids are adorable!