Saturday, November 19, 2011

Answers and what I loved about this week

In  response to comments and questions on previous post:

  • The metal roof is a very dark green and matches the greenhouse portion of the house and the garage.  We are now color coordinated again
  • I absolutely adore the sound of rain on a metal roof.  I've even been known to go to the loft to work when it is raining just so I could hear it on the roof!
  • Travis does NOT have a tattoo.  The spot on his arm is the wind chime hanging there.
  • The neighbor came and got her horse back.  Our fences are not adequate for horses, having been designed for sheep.  Unfortunately, obviously hers aren't either.
  • She said the other horse was shot (don't know where she found it back).  Deer hunters?  Disgruntled neighbor?  I guess we'll never know.
  • The mums are definitely dead.  Wish I could tell you I gave them a proper burial, but.. .
  • Travis did not conquer the leaves.  That is not possible!
  • Bailey is too lazy to attack.  Kind of like me.
  • The roofers are back today.  Since they didn't fall off last week, I trust they won't today.  It is much less windy.
  • Whiskey is like the energizer Chihuahua - never wears out
  • I love where we live.  It is our own little oasis.

What I loved this week:

  • Discovering when I kissed Austin on the cheek and he swiped at the spot, that he was not wiping my kiss off, but rather rubbing it in
  • Grandparents day at Allen's school.  We (the two Grandma's) decorated a turkey with him.  He seems to have a great teacher and was all smiles and hugs.
  • A sweaty hug from Travis after his first wrestling skirmish of the year.
  • The fact that Jim noticed I had my hair colored this week
  • Sitting on the front porch with Jim late at night, swaddled in a blanket, talking and listening to the wind howl
  • Dakota wanting to spend the weekend with us while his mom and dad were out of town - even if he did have the motive of wanting to go to a birthday party
  • Getting a rush embroidery job done ahead of schedule
  • Visiting with a friend who has been very sick
  • Making the difficult decision with our friends that we are no longer going to continue our annual Christmas open house (a ten year run) - and sending out a Christmas card telling everyone so. 
  • Learning that Uncle Cy is in town and I will get to see him, and many other family who I don't get to see very often, next week.
  • Reading Susan Vreeland's book Clara and Mr. Tiffany (awesome book!)
  • Working on my scrapbooks and card making
So, what made you smile this week?


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love the look of the metal roofs. I've never heard the rain on one but I'm thinking I would like that too. Your poor mums. I keep mine cut back until fall ususally, but since we moved to NC, I try to get 2 bloomings out of them. It didn't work this year. By August they were dried up sticks. Poor horses....

That corgi :) said...

I like what you loved about the week, especially the time you got to spend with your hubby and your grandchildren! Wise decision not to do the open house, I'm sure it was one you thought long about before you made that decision. Perhaps it is time for another in your circle of friends to start a tradition and carry on the torch. (I seem to be leaving cliche remarks these days on everyone's posts, LOL).

Glad you'll be able to connect with Uncle Cy and other family members this week!

(thanks for your kind comment on my post about my MIL's passing; I really truly appreciated what you wrote!)

have a good weekend!


AliceKay said...

My family has had a pretty rough week this week, but I'm hoping next week will go much smoother. What made me smile this week (and again this afternoon) was seeing my grandson's big dimpled smile smiling right back at me. :)

I hope your friend is feeling better soon. Enjoy your visit with your Uncle Cy and the rest of your family you aren't able to see very often.

Rita said...

I loved this post!
You answered all those questions and you shared all those joys. I hope your friend is better and that you have fun visiting family you don't get to see often.
I loved picturing you and Jim swaddled in the blanket on the porch talking.
Have a beautiful day! :)

Toriz said...

What made me smile this past week?

*Lots of birthday wishes from friends.
*Learning that there's a nice place I can go out to eat at that allows dogs, so we can go any time we want; doggy sitter or not.
*Feeling well enough to go outside for a while.

Intense Guy said...

Goodness you had a great week!!

:) Sweaty hugs, hubby noticing you've been "dipped", your smooches being rubbed in... what more could you ask for! :)

spacegirl60 said...

The fact that my daughter is feeling better from her cold. The fact that our kitten was fixed and is recovering well. Both cats and our sweet dog seem to be getting along better. That hubby found a new gardener for our house. The best part is that Thanksgiving is coming and there will be family members there along with my sister-in-laws boyfriend's mother and grandmother. Our house is small but will be filled with a bounty of enjoyment.

Vicki Lane said...

I love both of these lists! (I wish I had the courage to not do our annual Christmas party . . .)

Nezzy said...

I love the look of your new roof.

Your lists made me smile sweetie.

I just wanted to wish you and your precious family a marvelous Thanksgiving!!!

God bless ya!

BTW: place..ya'll come!!! :o)

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Deanna my google reader is all messed up and telling me that I am following no blogs. Bah! So, I just wanted to get over here and tell you and yours to have a wonderful, fun, peaceful and delicious Thanksgiving Day!

I enjoyed the things that made you smile!

Creation Corner said...

WE have to have a Tin roof put on this place, because of the slow slope we have in the roof. The snow just sets there and i have to get up and clean it off every time it snows.They are cheap enough and last forever.
Tel Travis hes wasteing his time with the leaves in the fall. Wait untill spring and do the rakeing just Once. Leaves are biodegrabable. Y.O.P. JunYah.Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family from the Springers.

ChicagoLady said...

Spending 11 long beautiful days with family. I miss them terribly.

jewelzmomof4 said...

Just saw this post and wanted to say I really enjoyed this one. Yes Austin rubs in ALL kisses unless they are given to him by Aunt Tessa LOL...he wipes off ALL of her kisses because she picks on him he says LOL.