Monday, December 26, 2011

Awayward in the Manger

Thirty or so years ago Jim gave me a Precious Moment's Nativity set for Christmas.  Every year since, I have carefully set it out for all to see.

It usually looks something like this.  Mary and Joseph and a little lamb watching over baby Jesus, and the Three Wise Men off in a distance.  After all, according to the bible, they are coming from Persia and aren't there yet.

This year the wise men saw a little action.  Jim's mom took a liking to one in particular and was bound and determined to take it back to the nursing home with her.  You can see his little crown poking out of the top of the kleenex in her hand.  When Emily asked her what she was doing, she told her that "Nana told me I can have it".  We now call her Cleptograndma. 

When I got up Christmas morning, all three Wise Men were back in place, safe and sound.  Apparently they couldn't wait to see baby Jesus, and chose to come from on high rather than from afar.  At some point the crib was re-roofed with a coaster.  I wonder which grandkid is going to fess up to the redecorating...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We certainly did.  Nothing makes me happier than see family spend time together.  We ate, drank, played, talked, ate, drank, talked, played, ate... and then  read the Christmas Story of the birth of baby Jesus right before opening presents.  We also took LOTS of pictures.  As I looked through them, I noticed an amazing number of pictures of people taking pictures. 

Since we celebrate with the family on Christmas Eve, after we went to Church Christmas morning, we had the whole day to ourselves.  The temperatures rose to the upper 50's.  What a beautiful day!  Other than taking a walk to the pond and back, we just hung out all day.  How did you spend Christmas?


Funny in My Mind said...

That is hilarious!
I bet you had a houseful of people and were in hog heaven!
I used to collect those precious Moments figurines, I guess I sold them at some point.
Joke from one of my servers:
Did you know the wise men were not really kings, they were firemen. Yeah, cause they came from afar. (say it with a twang)

Rita said...

LOL! Cleptogrannie!! Doesn't look like she got away with it, but I love her smile with it hidden in her hand there. What a wonderful Christmas!
Other than the knife incident, mine was quiet and peaceful. ;)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Looks like a wonderful time at the H's house. Grandma looks good, glad to see she still has those pretty red nails.
We too went to church Christmas morning, church at Osage Bend was almost empty. We had the deacon preach and a very old sub priest that kept losing his place. I was determined not to say a word to hubby about how bad the mass was. So as we were walking out, the couple behind us, the man said to wife, so did you get ANYTHING out of that? We LOL! and shook our heads no!

AliceKay said...

That's a great picture of Jim's mom and Emily. :)

I thought that coaster made the roof look rather "unique". :) Cute how someone put the wise men up on top of the other side of the manger. LOL

It sounds like you had a nice Christmas. I'm sure you'll share some nice pictures with us when you have a chance. :)

Vicki Lane said...

A lovely family Christmas -- just perfect, I'd say.

Love the coaster on the Nativity. One of our Baby Jesus has a canopy over his manger, made of the wire from a champagne bottle by on of my boys a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Punkn your Christmas sounds wonderful, I love your little Nativity set it is so cute!!

Akum said...

Merry christmas and the figurines are so adorable...

Admin said...

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Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

That's a sweet Nativity set you have, Deanna. I love the story about Cleptograndma, LOL!
I love having my little family together and having fun. We had a great time playing games, eating, visiting, eating and eating some more. It's amazing the amount of food we've put away. I don't even want to think of the pounds I'm sure were put on right now!
I wish you and your family a wonderful and Happy New Year!

Intense Guy said...


I hope Sherlock Holmes can solve the mystery of the "moving Wise 'persons'"!

Granny looks like she is having a good time - I hope you did too!

Nezzy said...

Since we are not celebratin' our Christmas 'till Saturday we kidnapped MIL from assisted care and took her to two church services, out to eat the off to Branson we went. My BIL lives there and rarely comes to visit his Mom.

Then we were off to see the Festival of Lights in Branson then Ozark.

MIL was tired but she kept sayin' was a good day! It was in fact a day well spent!

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic New Year. :o)

Toriz said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas at your house! :)

ChicagoLady said...

I think the wise men were just moving into a better position to see the baby, lol. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

LadyStyx said...

Was a same ol same ol day here. For you see, hubby works the beginning of the week.... and I swear The Grinch runs the semi-conductor industry.... for if the shift falls on a holiday, you gotta work it. Yep. I sat home... alone... Christmas Eve (was it was the Saturday he was supposed to work) and Christmas Day. On the plus side they paid him time and a half on both days as well as time and a half going into his vacation bank. Those 2 days he earned what I would earn in a week's time in the retail industry. So I guess I can't complain.... much.

I wish I had room for my nativity. Just don't have anywhere safe for it. I'm in the process of getting a piece at a time via EBay the same set my mom has. It's an all white set that was sold in the 70's and 80's thru Avon.