Friday, January 27, 2012

In Search of Eagles

We have been planning a day trip to Clarksville, MO for weeks now.  But it seemed every time the weather was nice one of us was working.  So Wednesday, with the forecast of mid-30's and rain, we headed to Clarksville in search of Eagles.  Even though we were warned not to...

Wednesday morning around 5:00 I sent an email to my friend Patti at Osage Bluff Quilter that we planned on finally going to Clarksville.  She replied back that she recommended " pick another day, a lot of times antique store are closed on Monday."  Then ended her email with "Have a great Wednesdy!"  We scratched our heads at that one as we headed out the door.  (Sorry Patti, but I had to rib you a bit!)  When we got home there was an email from her about a "Senior Moment"  and that she did know it was Wednesday.  Boy do I understand those Senior moments!

It may have been cold.  It may have been spitting rain.  And yes, it was a dreary day.  It was so much fun!  There were a few Eagles to be seen when we got there, but not a lot.  So we spent time going through the many artisan shops.  Gorgeous stuff to be seen!  I didn't take my camera inside the shops, but here are some links if you want to see the one of a kind furniture. 

At the The Windsor Chair_shop, we watched the artisan stain one of the chairs he was making.  He does all of the work himself with one young lad helping him.  Special orders are backordered to September 2013! 

We also enjoyed visiting The Bent Tree Gallery, where gorgeous bent tree willow chairs, leather purses, and so many more hand made items were on display.  Stacy greeted us as she worked on one of her beautiful leather purses. 

As we headed into another shop, a guy with a camera equipped with a lense that made me drool, poked his  head in to say the Eagles were swooping where some dead fish had washed up.  What?!?!  And we are in shops?  No way.  Back outside in the misty rain we went.  And we were not disappointed. 

If you'd like to see more of our trip to Clarksville, click on the video below.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No words are needed

10 Year Old Boy with Autism Sings Open the Eyes of My Heart

Despite being blind with autism, this 10 year old boy is an inspiration to all. He still has faith in God and a beautiful gift of music. Listen to him sing Open the Eyes of My Heart. Beautiful.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Shopping

She's bubbly, beautiful (but don't tell her) a total space cadet (in a good way), smart as a whip, sweet as the milk shake she had for lunch, and she turned 12 today!  Happy Birthday to my sweet Granddaughter, Cara.

Cara peeking out of one of the MANY dressing rooms she spent her day in.

We spent the day shopping at the Lake.  Thank goodness Tessa went with us.  This shopping with an almost teen can sure get confusing.  Too tight, not tight enough?  Too short? (yep)  Need another jacket? (no way!) How funky is too funky?  It is enough to make this Grandmother's head ache.  In a good way, though.  We got some really good deals and had a lot of fun to boot!

Cara's funky feet

 Her cute feet kind of reminds me of the 60's Nancy Sinatra song about boots and walkiing... Ok feet, start walking!  Me?  I'm pooped!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


" Weekends don't count 
unless you spend them
doing something completely
pointless.  "

Bill Watterson

Leave me alone I tell ya... I'm purrrfecting my tan
I plan on making this weekend count!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here it is.  HIS box!

As we laid out the assortment of treasures from Jim's box of old, I was reminded of the children's books, "I Spy"

Keep in mind that this box was packed and toted out of Jim's home when he moved out at the age of 19.  That was almost 40 years ago!

Iggy guessed the tools of his trades, but at that point he didn't have any trades, so that wasn't it.  He also suggested "lacy racies" (shame on you ;).  The closest he came to lacy racies is the hair pins of mine that he collected.  I was bad about leaving them in his car and he was good about saving them.

A lost and found collection of bobbie-pins

Julie guessed  year books, model cars and pictures.   You got the cars part right! But there was oh so much more!

An old model and car, old bottles and oh so much more!

I SPY... fools gold in a tobacco pouch, little boy bow ties, a doggy pin from his grandma, 4 leaf clover and pocket knives from his dad, his grandpa's old cuff links, a Walker Motor Company (now gone) pencil from Chamois, Old Zippo lighter, religious medals, ink pens, a peach seed carved into a monkey, old broaches, steering wheel turning knob off of an old 49 Ford pick up, tie clasps, santa with a light up nose that doesn't work anymore, a yoyo, a plastic cow made to be stuck in a streak to tell how it was cooked, his grandpa's old wallet, a little plastic globe, drink stirrers, a pinocchio pin

And that, my good friends, is what was in HIS box!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

One goal down

Todays' temperatures were cool - only in the low 40's - but the day was oh so pretty.  The skies were overcast, but no rain or snow in sight. 

When we got home from Church this morning, we decided to pack a thermos of the "good coffee" (Harry & David's Moose something or other) and head out for a little Eagle watching.  Since we were basically on a Sunday afternoon drive and staying close to home, we really didn't expect to sight any. 

My insomnia had kicked in again last night, so while Jim drove, I laid my head back and closed my eyes (aka fell asleep).  I was rudely awoken with an exclamation from Jim, "There's an Eagle".  I'm sure it is!  See that white head?  That's no hawk, that's an Eagle!"  Of course by then it was too late for a photo op.  Never mind the fact that I was rubbing my eyes, adjusting to the light.  Never fear!  Jim turned that car around, hit the flashers, and rode the shoulder of the road back to the site of the sighting. 

And so today I saw my first Eagle ever!  I'm so excited!

Hey Eagle... don't you pretend you don't know I'm down here!  Gotcha!

Just because your majestic white head is the same color as the sky, I can still see you.  Yes I can!
 After harassing this guy, we headed on down the river road of Hwy 94 towards Portland, MO to walk along the Katy Trail.  We didn't go far before another Eagle took flight out of a tree above our head.  This is exciting stuff.  If you live in this area and want to walk a beautiful part of the trail, the section beginning at Portland runs parallel with the Missouri River for a long way.  I'm looking forward to seeing it in the Spring, again in the Summer and then especially in the Fall.

The Eagles perched on the trees in the photo below were on the other side of the river.  As we walked along the trail we could hear their shreik in the distance. 

Positioned ready to swoop down on fish in the Missouri River

Me taking a photo of him

Him taking a photo of me
A beautiful section of the Katy Trail - Portland, MO

We are going to go to Clarksville later this week with high hopes of seeing and getting more pictures of Eagles - the symbol of our Nation and Freedom.

Now, about HIS box.  I am curious.  What do people think might be in that box?  Any guesses?  Come on, humor me....  Make a guess!

And guess what?  I get to take Eagle watching off my goal list already!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Triangles and Eagles

I'll get to HIS BOX blog post eventually.  I will!  No, I'm not procrastinating - I just haven't done it yet.  Should I add it to my goals?  If I haven't done it by Monday, I will.  So there.

My Christmas Post included a picture of Tessa, Julie, and Alicia with iron triangles.  Chicago Lady asked what the significance was of those triangles.  Here is the story.

We moved here in 1981.  Since we had a little acreage, our children tended to wander.  So did my husband.  I was constantly yelling at them when it was time to eat - to no avail.  One year, during one of our many trips to Branson and Silver Dollar City, we decided to buy one of their iron triangles.  The one we have was made by Shad Heller

Iron triangle made by Shad Heller at Silver Dollar City

If you read the story, you will see he was quite a personality.  We always enjoyed visiting with him during our many visits to Branson.  Once we got the iron triangle, everyone knew that when they heard the clanging, they'd better drop what they were doing and come running.

This year for Christmas we thought it would be fun to carry on the iron triangle tradition with our kids.  So we found another personality, Osage Bluff Blacksmith, through his wife, Osage Bluff Quilter and had a triangle Christmas!    We met The Blacksmith and Ms. Quilter through our blogs, but have since found our lives are very similar.  What great friends!

Daughters, Julie and Tessa, and Daughter-in-law, Alicia, opening presents of triangles

One of my goals is to take time to go Eagle Watching.   Cheryl of The Farmer's Daughter asked where we go eagle watching.  I'm probably not the best person to ask that question of since I have never spotted an eagle.  My daughter in law was telling me last weekend that one swooped down in the front of her car while she was driving to her brother's house.  Now that would have scared me to death.  But what a thrill!
Last year we went to the Lake of the Ozarks and happened onto Willmore Lodge.  You can read that post here.  We seriously talked about returning there within the next few weeks with big ol' thermoses of coffee and the camera and hanging out on the wrap around deck.  But we've decided to try someplace else.  By the way, it is Eagles Day at the Lake of the Ozark this weekend..  For more information on places to go for the best Eagle Watching opportunity, go to the Department of Conservation's web site.

Our plan is to head towards Hannibal, MO to the little town of Clarksville.  According to their official website,

Clarksville, MO is located on Missouri Highway 79 which is part of the Great River Road and is one of the most scenic highways along the Mississippi River.  It overlooks U.S. Lock and Dam 24, providing a close vantage point to
view all river boat and barge traffic.  This City, located in Pike County, is also
one of the largest winter migrating areas for the Bald Eagle.  Clarksville is filled with artists, potters, glass blowers, jewelry designers, antique dealers, furniture makers, and specialty craftsmen.

Clarksville is on a National Scenic Byway and lies halfway between Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, halfway between Hannibal and St. Louis, MO and is near the Clarence Cannon Dam and Mark Twain Lake.  It rests at the foot of Lookout Point/Sky Lift Hill, the top of which affords an 800 square mile view of the river and valley and is one of the highest points on the Mississippi  River.

I'm lookin forward to this road trip. Is there any doubt that there will be pictures? Maybe not of Eagles, although I hope so, but pictures never the less.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've noticed as I blog hop that many have opted against new year resolutions and instead have posted goals.  I'm not sure I understand the distinction between the two, but hey whatever works.  I don't believe anything long term will work for me.  So I am trying a bit of a twist to the goals idea.

On my side bar you will see a list of goals. But only one month's worth.  And only a few.  At the end of the month, I will check them off as complete or incomplete.  If I didn't get them done, maybe I'll move them on to the next month, or more likely I'll decide if I didn't do it, it isn't going to get done.  Time will tell.

I planned on doing a "What's in His Box" post today, but blogger took exception to my pictures.  I'll give you a hint, though.  HIS box is a lot more diversified and  interesting than mine was.  Soon!  I promise!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Diary

When we dug the Christmas "stuff" out from under the steps this year, Jim decided to pull some old boxes out that had been stored in the back of the storage area for many, many years.  Neither one of us had any idea what was in those boxes.  What a treasure trove!

There were things from before we got married and some other stuff.  One box mostly contained keepsakes of Jim's and one box was full of... wait for it... my diaries.  I've always wondered what happened to my childhood diaries.  And now I know.

39 years worth of diaries.  The earliest is the Black Five Year Diary with lock and key.  It was given to me on my birthday in 1964.  The last Diary was in 1999.

I think Jim said it best.  If there was a slip of paper available, I  would write on it.

The very first entry:  May 20, 1964.  Dear Dirary, today was my birthday & I got a pair of pants, a pair of booteeze, a dollar, a long chappel veil, a party, & a diary (you).  Good Night.  P.S.  I am 12 years old.

I also found a poem I wrote when I was 16 that I have searched for many times over the years.  I always remembered it and wanted it back.

The Moody Heart

I guess when you really look at me
With frank and truthful eyes
I am immature and quite naive
With a heart that yearns and sighs.

The weird thing about this poor little heart
Is it doesn't know what it desires
It looks for love, though it's in the dark
And the least spark sets it on fire.

It wants friends that are ready to stay
And help when there's a need
And friends who understand the way
My heart is filled with greed.

My heart needs more than friendship, too
It needs a love that's strong
A love to stand the hardships through
And last me all life long.

As you can see, quite readily
My heart's a complicated thing
Love brings it a happy melody
But lost love just bring it pain.

Right now it's at the breaking point
Tomorrow may bring nothing wrong
But through happiness and all that disappoints
My heart'l go on, and on.

Deanna 16