Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barn Charm Tuesday

Hi everyone!  I am once again linking up with Tricia for Barn Charm.  And boy do I have a charm barn for you!

This farm was spotted along the road to Olean (home of the Testicle Festival), MO last weekend.  What is it about farm scenes that make them just scream peacefulness? 

Do those cows grazing so peacefully look a little nervous to you?

These little guys were the purpose of this road trip. Would you ever have guessed they are twins? The horns give them such character. This is the first time we've had Barbados Black Belly/Katahdin sheep mix.  I'm looking forward to seeing what their horns look like in nine months or so. 

Don't worry sheepies, you have nothing to worry about. Your junk is safe.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I try to frantically get everything done on a busy day, bad things happen.  Friday was one of those days.

I slept late - never a good sign on how the day is going to go.  But, still recovering from shingles, I've been fatigued and just tired of the constant pain.  So, sleep I did.

When I finally got busy, it was time to switch things to high gear.  I wanted to bake two cakes for our church's lenten fish fry.  My stove has an upper and lower oven.  I rarely use the lower one.  But today I decided to bake one cake in the upper oven and one in the lower.  So I quickly moved one of the oven racks to the center on the oven I rarely use.  Quickly is the key word here.  Quickly is not good.  Lopsided comes out of quickly.

Lopsided oven racks

 If you ever wondered, the result of a cake baked in an oven with lopsided racks is a rather strange looking cake.  You might even call it lopsided.  (lopsided is the word of the day).

Lopsided Spice Cake

So what does one do with a lopsided cake?  Why you just lop the skinny end off and ice the fat end.  (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that).  So the church got a cake and 1/2.  That's better than none - right?

Spice Cake and German Chocolate Cake

I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer yesterday.  This one has been giving me fits.  For some reason it won't stay connected the internet.  It is slow as molasses, even after numerous tune ups, and when I type, the cursor jumps all over the place.  Blogging has been quite a challenge.  Now I am faced with the fun job of loading software, setting up email, transferring email addresses (is there an easy way to do that Iggy?), and getting used to a new operating system (Windows 7).  I think once I get used to everything, though, I'm going to love my new laptop.  Wish me luck!

 When Jim gets home from work this afternoon, we are going to grab our muck boots and head out to pick up a few sheep to graze our pastures and fatten up through the summer.  Maybe I'll even spot a barn or two for Barn Charm!  Win! 

By the way, have I lately told all of my bloggy friends how much I appreciate you?  Your comments are precious to me.  They make me think.  They make me laugh.  And sometimes they make me cry.  They also make me realize what a very lucky lady I am.  You are, each and every one of you, very special to me.  I hope everybody has a wonderful, upside right (not lopsided) weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

83 and counting

On St. Patrick’s Day Jim’s mom turned 83.  No matter that she is from German descent, she always loved her St. Patrick’s Day birthday.  Maybe, just maybe, the luck of the Irish is with her.  Evelyn.  What can I say about Evelyn?  First of all, her family always called her Hawkey.  They are a family of nicknames like Et, Crud, Junie, Peck, Jap, Polkie, and on and on…
She drank like a fish, smoked like a fiend, and cussed like a sailor.  She still cusses like a sailor – but the other vices are long gone.  By all standards of clean living, she shouldn’t be with us today.  I’m so glad she is.

Edna, Evelyn, Verda

There were five girls in this family of 12.  Three survive, each with various stages of Alzheimer's.  The other two girls also had Alzheimer’s.  Maybe it runs in the family, as it seems to also run in my side of the family.  My girls figure they are “screwed” (their words, not mine). 
Back to Hawkey.  We think she looks like a little Leprechaun in the above picture, sandwiched between her two sisters.

Happy Birthday

She has always thrived on being the center of attention.  That hasn’t changed – she loved her birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, I know once we all walked out the door, if anyone asked her if she had any visitors, she would have replied “not a damn one”.

See how she and her sister Edna “Et” are holding hands?  The two have always been best of friends.  At some point during the party, as Et sat next to Hawkey eating ice cream, Et asked if she could have some  – and was given permission.  Evelyn turned away for a second and then looked back just in time to catch Et helping herself to the ice cream.  Evelyn slapped her hand and said, “Get your own, you damn hog”.  The light may be out a good deal of the time, but the spunk is still there.

Her brother told Jim that “Evelyn should have been a boxer, because when they were kids, if you did anything wrong, she’d slap you down faster than you could think".

Blowing out the candles - Evelyn, Emily, Tessa, Edna

Hawkey used to play the piano.  All the time.  Sometime before Christmas she just stopped, and claimed she didn’t know how.  So imagine our surprise when she sat down at the piano and played some of her old favorites like “Memories”, and “Please Release Me”. 

Notice the long hair?  She absolutely refuses to let anyone cut it.  A mere suggestion unleashes a string of choice words, usually ending in something like “damn fool”.  That’s Hawkey.

Her sis, Et, took over at the piano and Hawkey and Verda took to the dance floor.

Evelyn and Verda Dancing

Of course, all good things must come to an end.  Just as the left over cake crumbled as Tessa accidentally tipped it out, our lives tumble as we see the lives of  the generation of the depression come to an end.  I thank God for keeping this spunky lady with us for as long as possible.


That’s life!

Tessa Oops!

In the video as Evelyn played the piano, her sisters and sis-in-law’s joined in singing.  If you watch, you will notice her sis bend down and make a request for “Memories”.  Without missing a beat, Evelyn switched gears and swung into the request.  It was such a poignant moment.  “Memories” – what a perfect song for a family robbed of the present and living through their memories of days gone by.  The video is shaking some because, well, I was crying.  It is what I do when I’m confronted with such a moment.

I know the video quality is poor and chaotic, with all of the background noise, but it is a memory.

Thanks everyone for visiting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barn Charm Tuesday

I'm once again linking up to Tricia for Barn Charm Tuesday.  To see more awesome barns, be sure to visit Tricia and everyone else participating in Barn Charm.

This beauty was spotted in Stone County, Missouri.  I love the simplicity of the setting.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hello... Anybody out there?  Anybody?

I've been shamefully negligent about visiting blogs lately... and about sharing all of the awesomeness going on in my life.  Hopefully I'll get back in the groove soon.

In the meantime, if you are in the mood to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Springtime, take a few minutes to watch this video of our recent trip to Garvan Gardens, Arkansas.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barn Charm Tuesday!

I’m joining in with Tricia at Bluff Area Daily for Barn Charm Tuesday.

But first, an update from last week’s barn.  Much speculation was made on the R~I~P.  Curiosity had gotten the better of us and we vowed to find out what it stood for.  As chance would have it, a casual conversation with a friend provided Jim with the answer.  “Oh, that’s Ralph Popp’s Hereford farm!”  Ralph I. Popp.  So there you have it.

Now onto this week’s barn.  I pose the question, what makes a barn a barn?  The original purpose of the building or the final use? 


This Federal style home standing naked against the clear blue sky absolutely drew me in.  I can almost hear children laughing as they play, or see a husband and wife, worn down by hard work and worry, sitting at a rough sawn wood table, giving thanks to God for having given them the strength to survive another harsh Missouri winter.  And all these years later, it still stands proud, providing shelter to animals, and storage of grain and hay from the elements of nature.  It is definitely a barn.


Here is the same barn from a different angle.  I am amazed at how vey different the two photos look.

I hope you enjoy my barn this week!