Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I try to frantically get everything done on a busy day, bad things happen.  Friday was one of those days.

I slept late - never a good sign on how the day is going to go.  But, still recovering from shingles, I've been fatigued and just tired of the constant pain.  So, sleep I did.

When I finally got busy, it was time to switch things to high gear.  I wanted to bake two cakes for our church's lenten fish fry.  My stove has an upper and lower oven.  I rarely use the lower one.  But today I decided to bake one cake in the upper oven and one in the lower.  So I quickly moved one of the oven racks to the center on the oven I rarely use.  Quickly is the key word here.  Quickly is not good.  Lopsided comes out of quickly.

Lopsided oven racks

 If you ever wondered, the result of a cake baked in an oven with lopsided racks is a rather strange looking cake.  You might even call it lopsided.  (lopsided is the word of the day).

Lopsided Spice Cake

So what does one do with a lopsided cake?  Why you just lop the skinny end off and ice the fat end.  (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that).  So the church got a cake and 1/2.  That's better than none - right?

Spice Cake and German Chocolate Cake

I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer yesterday.  This one has been giving me fits.  For some reason it won't stay connected the internet.  It is slow as molasses, even after numerous tune ups, and when I type, the cursor jumps all over the place.  Blogging has been quite a challenge.  Now I am faced with the fun job of loading software, setting up email, transferring email addresses (is there an easy way to do that Iggy?), and getting used to a new operating system (Windows 7).  I think once I get used to everything, though, I'm going to love my new laptop.  Wish me luck!

 When Jim gets home from work this afternoon, we are going to grab our muck boots and head out to pick up a few sheep to graze our pastures and fatten up through the summer.  Maybe I'll even spot a barn or two for Barn Charm!  Win! 

By the way, have I lately told all of my bloggy friends how much I appreciate you?  Your comments are precious to me.  They make me think.  They make me laugh.  And sometimes they make me cry.  They also make me realize what a very lucky lady I am.  You are, each and every one of you, very special to me.  I hope everybody has a wonderful, upside right (not lopsided) weekend!


ChicagoLady said...

I think lopsided cakes have character, and an opportunity for storytelling.

Please don't rush your recovery from shingles. You need all the rest you can get, and more.

Funny in My Mind said...

I always read but have been a terrible commenter as I have been stupid-busy. I hope you liked my barn charm last week from our trip to Elephant Rocks. I thought of you as I snapped those photos!
Good thinking on the lopsided cake! I love German chocolate and would like your recipe (if you tell me, you have to kill me??)
We are headed to the lake for dinner at Domenicos. You should meet us sometime.

Toriz said...

On the bright side, the church got cake, and you got some skinny though probably still really good cake too! :)

Good luck with sorting and getting used to the new laptop.

And, for the record, you're pretty darn special yourself! :)

That corgi :) said...

Creative on what you did with the lopsided cake! Didn't know you had shingles, so sorry about that :(

Sounds like fun to get the sheep! Not sure what muck boots are, but I'm sure it is something one might want to wear when around sheep?


tmarie said...

Hey Mom,
Did you check the cake for egg shells too? Just teasing you! The lopsided oven just isn't that big of a surprise to me! Hope the shingles get better!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Big, big hugs to you Deanna!!!! My bloggy friends are TOTALLY my daily salvation too! And I love, love, love getting comments too.

Sorry about your lopsided cake (and day!). You have a super clean oven though, lol!!!

I am not a fan of change, even when it's a positive change. Like a new computer. UGH! You have my condolences on that score. Been there, done that. It's great when it's all set up and done, but getting there drives me crazy!!!

Have fun out there in the great wild with your "muck" boots!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

PS: I hope your shingles are better. That really sounds like NO FUN!!!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Deanna! Shingles???!!! I am so sorry that you have been dealing with shingles. I hope they leave very very soon, pronto. I have had a few lopsided days, more than I want to think about :) The cake still looks good for eating right up. A barn for Barn Charm~YES! And sheep too. You are going to be busy busy. Congrats on the new laptop,now you can just zip around at a very zippy speed. Take care of yourself Deanna!

Intense Guy said...

Gives you a big ol' lopsided smile... they work just as well as lopsided cakes (which taste just as good as unlopsided ones).

I hope you recover quickly from the shingles - and that you find a couple sheep that remind you of ol' Abe (or maybe not!)

Hugest hugs.

p.s., you'll love windows 7.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, I'm sorry you've been suffering with the shingles. Hope they go away real soon. Rest up and take care of yourself!
Congrats on the new laptop. You'll love it and we're all looking forward to seeing your posts from it. We appreciate you, too, bloggy friends are the best!

AliceKay said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been dealing with shingles. I understand that's really painful. I hope the worst is behind you and you feel like your ole' self very soon.

When I saw the picture of the oven racks, I laughed out loud. (i really did) But you were pretty clever in making the cake into something that was presentable for your church's fish fry. It takes a creative person to make something wonderful out of something that looked so...umm..."different". ;)

My laptop has Windows 7, but I still prefer my Vista (although that is being a pain at the moment...and i can see Iggy shaking his head at me for saying Good luck with moving things over. Marty did a lot of that stuff for me when I got a new desktop computer a few years ago. I hope the new laptop works out well for you for many years to come.

Can't wait to see some more barn pics. You sure can find some dandys! :)

Creation Corner said...

sounds like everythings Normal to me.hey, we all have those *Days*. i have known people that think they come in three's thats even more hey just Stay your Self . Y.O.P. JUNyAh.