Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Barn Charm in Missouri

I’m so glad I hooked up with Barn Charm Tuesday.  I‘ve found it difficult to put my thoughts into words lately and have seriously been considering taking a break from all things electronic.  Especially computers!  Spotting barns has become an obsession with me.  And of course once I’ve spotted them, I have to photograph them.  And once I photograph them, I have to share them.  And to share them I have to log on to… you guessed it!  What a vicious circle, huh.

The landscape of the back roads – and even highways – of Missouri are dotted with charm.  Many of the paths we follow are windy and hilly. 


One never knows what is going to come into view around the next corner.


Generation after generation of hard working folks have worked and sweated together to build barn after barn, surrounded by out buildings and storage sheds.  They built these not because of want, but because of need.

Barn Landscape

They didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Gosh, I wish I had me a barn…”  They more than likely said, “Ma, we’ns need somewhere to store the hay this winter.  I’m goin’s to talk to some of our kin folk and see whats if they might help build us a barn”.



Barns scream of simpler times. Times before the fast paced world of the internet, interstate highways, and cars that do everything for you except go to the bathroom.


Barns come in so many shapes and sizes.  I believe the below one is called a hip roofed barn.


Some are obviously loved and in good repair.  They are still part of a working farm.
Others might still be loved, but left to go in disrepair, like the shed roof barn below. 


No matter what, they all have charm.


Meet little Mose.  I don’t know what his puppy’s name is, but I’ll guaranteed that little dog is Mose’s best friend in the whole wide world.

Please take a minute to visit all of the other barns featured in Barn Charm!

These barns were all spotted along Hwy. 87 near Prairie Home, MO


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, forget the barns, that last shot is PRICELESS!!! they're all absolutely WONDERFUL CAPTURES, but I love love love that last one!!!

Thanks so much for sharing these w/ Barn Charm =)

Anonymous said...

I had to come back & comment on the barns, tho... i can't help it, i love barns! and i don't think i've ever seen one shaped quite like that 'hip roofed barn' WoW! =0

Charade said...

I LOVE the little tot and his dog walking away from the mailbox. And I wonder why all barns are not hip-roofed, as they look like they'd store more hay and still lose the snow cover.

Rita said...

Mose is soooo cute! And his puppy, too. I wanted to just scoop them both up and give them a squeeze! Love seeing the countryside around by you. So green already! :)

Beth said...

great shots. i love the grouping of barns ... Mose is so cute. what a precious photo of him & his dog. perfect. i understand the need to get away from tech stuff... we all do i think?!! but i know we would miss your great photography. either way ... wish you well. all the best in your decision. (:

Rose said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos. And no, that is not a hip roof...google the term and then click images to see. A hip roof is where the roof slopes down on all sides. You need gutters all around a house instead of on two sides.

On the other hand, I don't know what this type of roof is called...I don't think it would be called gambrel but that is the closest thing to it that I know. I wish someone else would chime in and tell....and if they do, please tell me cause I have long wondered.

Funny in My Mind said...

When we drove out to Leadmine, a Menonite/Amish community a few years ago to have a pergola built, I got so tickled at the cute little family of the pergola builder guy.
Woodworker. Ok, that is better.
He had these stair-step kids, about 7 or 8 of them and they stared at me in my (long) shorts and tank top and I felt very under dressed!
They were like straight out of Little House and the mom was shucking corn and the kids were helping. A change of my crazy fast-paced life for sure.
I am really loving your barn photos!!

Nezzy said...

Oh this was my favorite yet, I think maybe that precious little Mose had somethin' to do with it. Heeehehe!

Great pictures once again sweetie.

God bless ya and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

Deanna said...

After a bit of googling, I now think the barn is not a hip roof barn, but rather a gothic arched roof. What do you think?

Rose said...

Gothic arched is it!!! I had no idea what it was called and had did a minor search...thank you!

AliceKay said...

I loved this post. Thanks so much for sharing scenes from your beautiful countryside. The little boy and his puppy are very sweet.

I took Terri for a ride around our countryside late this afternoon. It's changing, but not for the best.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

You really captured a lot of barns in the first photo. I love little Mose and his puppy. So cute.

That corgi :) said...

Little Moses is so cute! I am glad you are participating in this challenge, Deanna. I don't see many barns this way; these are all great you photographed and I liked your thoughts about them too!


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Good Evening Deanna! I think it's still evening, soon to be morning. This is a sweet post with some lovely pictures and the barns are charming. One quite unique! I think you have introduced us to little Mose's family before. Deanna I fight and struggle with myself all the time to walk away from this computer and blogging. It's a complicated love hate relationship :) Barn Charm has been good for me in lots of ways!

heyBJK said...

Beautiful shots, Deanna! The photos of Mose are wonderful!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Totally awesome - thank you for sharing these!!!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

You have some wonderful photos here, Deanna! That last barn looks so much like the one of my childhood growing up on the farm. Except the lower side was on the right on our barn and the high side was on the left. It had a window to the hay loft and I remember many hours playing in that hay loft. We could see the house from the window.

The shot of Mose and the puppy is just the cutest!

And, by the way, we shore don't talk lak that around these here parts!! :D

Have a great week!

Tanya said...

beautiful images and i just love the photos of little mose and his puppy :)

Intense Guy said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Getting out to see (and photograph) the land around you - to re-connect with the soil, rain, and air... the true "heart-beat" of the world is a precious and restorative thing. I'm sure you can understand my tree-hugging. :)

Little Moses and his treasured little furry friend are charming. So innocent and carefree - that you captured it in your images.

I'm glad you braced yourself and battled the computer to share these pictures with us... Now.. go out there and take in some more of God's gift to all of us.

Hmmm... would Pennsylvanian barns work in this Barn Charm thingy? :)

Debbie said...

rule number one, never include kids in your photos, they will always steal the show!!

they are beautiful barns!!

Creation Corner said...

Green acres is the place for me.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Land spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

New York is where I'd rather stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

...The chores.
...The stores.
...Fresh air.
...Times Square

You are my wife.
Good bye, city life.
Green Acres we are there.


Carole said...

Look at all of those barns clustered together! What a great shot. Love the hip roofed barn. I've only seen one or two those in these parts. They're rare here.

Mint Green! - Barn Charm #77

Prairie Cat said...

After stumbling upon your blog and reading this post, I kept saying to myself that all of these barns looked so familiar.

I thought I was losing my marbles, but it turns out that I have seen some of them. They are right down the road from me!