Monday, June 25, 2012

11 Questions

I've been tagged by Funny In My Mind.  This tag came with all sorts of rules.  I'm only going to follow one of them.  I'm going to answer the questions Funny set for me, because I liked the questions. 

1. Why did your parents choose your name? Does it mean something?  My mom worked for a dentist and, if I have the story right, one of the patients was a pretty little girl named Deanna.  Mom had never heard the name before (60 years ago it was a very uncommon name).  She loved the name and thankfully gave it to me.

2. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not.  I do believe in ghosts but I have no idea why... I just do!

3. Do you think any president will be able to fix our economy? Do you feel like things are better or worse with the current president.  Things are absolutely worse with the current president.  I believe it is possible to improve our economy, but from what I'm seeing, we don't have the right people on board to do that.  In my simplistic mind, we need to just quit spending money we don't have.

4. Favorite time of year. Why?  Fall.  I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, and sitting around a fire wrapped in a blanket on a cool Fall night.  My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is in the Fall.

5. Favorite item of clothing, past or present.   The Polyanna dresses mom made for my sister and me when I was maybe 5.  They reminded us of what Haley Mills might have worn in the movie Polyanna.  Loved those dresses!
6. Name the strangest pet you ever had.  Our Chihuahua, Whiskey, takes that title.  He can be the sweetest little guy on earth one minute and then without warning turn into a demon dog.  I swear he is posessed.  He is very definite about who he likes and who he doesn't like, and many fall on the doesn't like side (sorry Greg, it isn't personal).  If we scold him, he turns his rear end to us and sticks his tail straight up, like he is giving us the finger.  He's absolutely crazy, but we love him.. 

7. If you could take a week off and travel anywhere with money and time away not an issue, where would you go and why?  Only a week?  Not possible!  I want to go to Greece, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Hawaii... the list is endless.  The east coast is calling me.  A return to the Apalacian Mtns is always on my list.  I've never been to Oregon, Montana, or Utah.  I love the South and want to spend more time there.  Yea, give me at least a year.. not a week!

8. Do you miss a time when we didn't have cell phones are you happy for the latest inventions?  I do miss "the good ol' days".  Our grandkids think we are crazy when we tell them there was a time that our families didn't own a television and that TV stations went off the air after the 10:00 News.  There was one phone in the house and it had a cord attached to it.  There was no such thing as a private conversation.  We ate our meals together without the interruptions of texting or computers.  But.  I am very happy for the latest inventions.  I am lost without my computer.  I feel lost if I leave my cell phone at home.  I feel much safer when it is with me.  I'd just like to see all of these gadgets used with respect for others.  They should never take the place of face to face interaction.  It makes me sad when I see a young family in a restaurant and the parents are either talking on their phones or texting, and the kids are plugged into the ipod, phone, or games.

9. What is the one thing you dread more than any other thing? Be honest.  It used to be losing one of my children.  Now that fear has extended to them or any member of their family.  If I think about it, my heart just tightens and I get emotional (like I am right now).  Next question.

10. Are you high maintenance? Hair, nails, clothing, looking perfect, massages, etc. If so, do you do it to make yourself look better or to FEEL better.  I'm probably high maintenance in some ways, and low maintenance in others.  I love my pedicures and manicures.  I get my hair colored and/or highlighted every five weeks at a high end beauty salon. I'd say I do it so that I look better.  I'm low maintenance when it comes to day to day me.  I can get ready in 1/2 hour easy.  That includes shower, hair, and make-up.  I hate to shop. When I do,  I take Jim along, because otherwise I'll come home empty handed.

11. Insert random thought about me here. I am out of questions.  You are a high maintenance, funny, and caring person.  I love how you put yourself out there for all to see. 


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Deanna, I enjoyed reading your answers. I think your Whiskey's description fits our kitty, Stormy!
Stay cool in this Missouri heat!

Funny in My Mind said...

I tagged you because I wanted to learn more about some of my peeps. I know the questions were random but that part was the fun part. I keep getting tagged for stuff and didn't want to tag back the same people, I hoped you would play along.
Thank you!!
Don't melt today! I think we are going to the river to cool our tootsies.

Anonymous said...

#8 has me thinking back to the good ol days, too... there's too much crap on tv these days that kids DO NOT NEED TO SEE! People let their kids watch & see just about anything & I just DO NOT agree w/ it! The news shows dead bodies from wars being fought around the world, there's sex on every channel & just all the immorality the devil wants being spread thru the box in everyone's living room... we're headed down an unimaginable & unfathomable road!

And, our current president is only adding to the chaos!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

That was really great! Laughed at Whiskey's description!!!

We will be in Germany at least three if you wanna travel with us, you have an open invitation....just sayin'!!

AliceKay said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

Rita said...

These were fun to read! You dog sounds scary to me, though--LOL! ;)
I did the same as you and only answered the questions. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Thanks for sharing your answers with us. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you.

That corgi :) said...

Enjoyed reading your answers, Deanna. I like how you were named; it still isn't a real common name; I don't know anyone named Deanna (Nor do I think I went to school with any Deanna's). I'm with you about #3; can't spend money if we don't have it; we have to stick to our budgets, the government should have to too :)

Lots of great places you want to travel to; hope you get to see at least a few of them over the next few years!


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

I enjoyed this post Deanna! Always fun to learn more about you! Yay Fall! I am ready... :)

Intense Guy said...


I don't believe "high maintenance" for a minute!! :)

LadyStyx said...

Whiskey sounds like our KatyLou. She only acts nice because she's hoping you'll give her food.

Hubby and I are always plugged in when we go to supper. The difference is that it's only 1 electronic device and we're BOTH doing the crossword puzzle :)