Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 How did it become Fall overnight?  At night the temperatures have been dipping down to freezing.  Daytime is fun time.  I love the crispness of Fall.  Crisp temperatures and crisp colors.  Somehow it lightens my step and energizes me. 

Yesterday we worked on a rock walkway that has been a work in progress for quite some time.  Our property is mostly rock, with a little soil mixed in for good measure.  That, combined with Jim's strong German heritage's love for all things rocks, he has surrounded us with wonderful rock walls and walkways.  If it isn't rock, then it is brick.  Usually he works on these by himself, which means he is up and down.... pick out a rock, sit down to try to place it, only to find it doesn't quite fit, then back up to pick another rock, then back down.  He's never complained, but it is definitely easier when I help and he can sit and dig and place, with me bringing him rocks to choose from.  Now we can both rub our backsides and say, oh my I'm sore (or something like that). 
After wearing ourselves out playing with rocks, we retired to our metal chairs around the fire pit and had some wine and cheese.  I've yet to figure out who drank that entire bottle of wine.  It couldn't have been us...

I started to snap this picture and Whiskey ran up the steps to get in on the photo op.  Silly dog.
Hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am right now!