Friday, November 23, 2012


That is what I thought when I finally logged into my blog this morning and saw that I have been away for well over a month.  Closer to two months.  Huh.  How did that happen? 

Sometimes the creative juices don't flow.  I think maybe a topic specific blog would be easier than a general blog.   But then there are those who have a blog with tabs.  You know the ones - cooking, crafting, kids, pets, day-to-day. Do tell me how they manage.  Where do I start?  I guess from the present, huh.

We had one of the best Thanksgiving ever.  All of my children and their families made it to our house to celebrate.  We spent the day visiting and eating and eating and visiting and eating.... The weather couldn't have been better, which is a good thing, because with over 20 people here, we quickly figured out we needed to overflow to the screened in back porch.

A funny story on my mother-in-law.  As many of you know, she has Alzheimer's.  She really is in her own little world, making up things as she goes along, and repeating herself often.  She's always been an outspoken, rough around the edges type of gal. She didn't disappoint yesterday.  I fixed her a plate of food and set it in front of her before I went back for my own plate.  Someone asked her how the food tasted.  Her reply?  "I've had better".  We all exploded in laughter - it was so her!

I was going to share some Thanksgiving day photos, but discovered I have exceeded my free photo space limit.  Yet when I went to upgrade it showed I was only using 35% of my allotted free space.  What to do, what to do.  I don't mind (well actually I do) paying for more space if I need to.  But I'd hate to find I upgraded when I didn't have to.  I'm cheap that way.  I've gotten spoiled with the free blog!

Hopefully each and every one of you had a good Thanksgiving.  In addition to all of the other awesomeness in my life, I am also thankful for each and every one of you.  Assuming there is any you still reading my blog after all of this time!