Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old People

Sometimes comments become a blog of itself.  This is one of those times: 

My friend Iggy said:

"I missed a (couple) days in school, what is an OATS bus? Old And Tired Senior?"
OATS, as used in my blog post, stands for Older Adult Transporation System.  To make sure I was correct, I googled it and found it is an acronym for various other titles, none of which have anything to do with "old and tired seniors".  It is a great service, providing transportation to older people who are unable to otherwise get out and about.  We have many little towns around Jefferson City that are great places to live, but offer very few services and places to shop.  So OATS is definitely a valuable service.

Then Iggy went on to say : "My mom who is much older than you, Punkn, carps about the "old foaggies" that shuffle their feet, look truly lost and call the Mrs on a cellphone (they did figure out how to do that) and ask what size can of Baked Beans to get (and the answer is probably, "Get the same size we have gotten for 45 years!") when she in the Florida Keys. :) "

I hooted a little at this one, because he described dear ol' Jim to a T.  A don't belieive he has ever gone to the store without standing in one of the food aisles with his phone out, calling me to ask something like "did you want low fat or plain sour cream" (I always buy the low fat).  But then, he also usually calls to say, "Have you thought of anything else" - and almost always I have.  Never mind the fact that after he calls to make sure I've thought of everything, I call him as he pulls out of the grocery store parking lot, saying "Oh, I forgot I need a _________________ (fill in the blank)!


Cheryl @ TFD said...

LOL! This sounds so familiar. I sent my hubby to the grocery store for Bacos one day and told him NOT to buy the imitation bits. He just had to call me to make sure he got the right ones.

That corgi :) said...

I think OATS is a wonderful service! I'm pretty specific with lists that I give hubby when he goes to the store so he doesn't have to call except for those things when we were younger and needed them monthly; those things he always messed up no matter how explicit I was with color of container, name of brand, etc. But he was a good sport for going to get them so I couldn't complain too much ;)


Intense Guy said...

*smiles and giggles*

ChicagoLady said...

Hey, I just saw a post today for the next season of Survivor, and someone from Jeff City will be on it. Maybe you know him/her! J/K

A couple times my ant has asked me to go shopping for her, and even when she writes everything down, I can never find exactly what she wants. I end up calling her at least twice asking for verification of some can or jar, or what aisle something is in (because it's not something I ever buy). It drives her nuts, lol.

Deanna said...

Our kids and gradkids say we know everyoe in JC, espeially Jim, since he taught school for ovr 30 years.. I cant find the names of the new survivors Wouldn't it b a hoot if we actually knew him/her!?!

AliceKay said...


Rita said...

Up here they call it the Senior Bus Service and that's what I take to get to appointments. But the various elderly apartments have buses that take people grocery shopping once a week. I don't know if that is the same Senior Bus company or another or their own, but they come en masse on those.

These days there are people of all ages on the phones at grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, fast food places, and discount stores...everywhere...asking somebody or other what they want to be picked up--LOL!

Jan Holt said...

Hello there, Deanna! Are you still sowing your wild OATS here on blogger? I'm so glad to see you and I apologize for being gone too long. Hope all is well with you and looks like I have a LOT of posts to catch up on. Take care and Happy New Year!

Vicki Lane said...

Since our grocery store is a good twenty minutes away, my husband almost always calls when he is out to see if I need anything. But yeah, I see a lot of those guys wandering the aisles.

I'm at the age when I try very hard to be patient with confused and slow elderly folks because tomorrow it may be me.